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How to introduce, or integrate, cats with kittens for the best outcome with the least ... 16 weeks old is a baby, physically weak, and can easily be hurt by an older cat. ... happens between the new kitten and the older cat (except a bit of hissing). ... That does not mean they won't come to accept a kitten living in the same home.

How Can I Help Our Older Cat Accept Our New Kitten?


My boyfriend adopted a new kitten about a month ago. He already had a cat – a very friendly, loving, sweet, and docile 8-year-old female cat – and we hadn't really ... During this period, if the older cat hisses and/or swats at the kitten when it ...

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Jan 31, 2011 ... The new kitten was introduced to her as soon as she was brought home instead of letting the… ... Does having two cats of different sexes make it easier? ... Bagel (my cat) is nearly as big as snowflake, but isn't a year old yet.

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Mar 12, 2012 ... ... FAQ, Home, Basics, – Furniture Scratching, – Indoor Problems, – Kittens ... You may know some people who used the old-fashioned (and not ... The way I tell my clients to do new cat introductions is to take it “one sense at a time. .... by the other cat without hissing or swatting – that deserves a reward.

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Aug 29, 2012 ... My adult cat met my new kitten Wendy for the first time. ... I was thinking about putting the kitten in the kennel to introduce them again, but the old cat already .... The new cat hisses and growls likea bear at our older cat, and our ...

Bring a Second Cat Into the Family and Not Make Your Old Cat Upset


Sep 9, 2015 ... Method 1 of 3: Preparing to Introduce a New Cat to Your Home .... Hissing is normal, but if the new cat is okay with the old-cat-scented sock, praise ... Does their body language indicate distress, or do they seem calm and accepting of the other? .... It helps if both of them are kittens, or if the new cat is a kitten.

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Askville Question: How can I help my new kitten and older cat get along better? ... The secret is this... if you only have 2 cats.. the kitten will attempt to play and pester the old cat until the old cat inflicts ... If they're hissing and grumbling at eachother.. but no fighting.. then you might .... But it does take a while.

My new kitten hisses at the adult cat I have. How do I get them to get ...


Askville Question: My new kitten hisses at the adult cat I have. How do I get them to ... I have Boomer a Male 2 year old cat. He loves cats and ... But Does anyone have any idea how to get them to get along? Any ideas I can try ...

We got a 10wk old kitten and our cat is hissing and tried to attack. I ...


Kitty is 10wks old. Asked by llbderl05 89 months ago. Similar Questions: 10wk kitten cat hissing attack scared ... They did and my youngest took our male tom cat with him. ... introductions should be a slow process to make it more comfortable for the new cat and the resident cat. .... "Why does my kitten attack human males?

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I have just got a 8 week old female kitten, and my 6 year old cat, won't come in, .... Not only does our older cat hiss at our kitten, but she hisses at me and I don't ...

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Q: Why does my 14 year old, boy, cat hiss and bite my 6 month new gi...
A: he's probably jealous that there is a new kitty in the house, since he is used to being the one and only kitty who was the center of attention. That's what happ... Read More »
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When you bring a new cat or kitten into your home, you might expect your resident ... Curious Facts About Cats -- Part III · Vetstreet: Why Does My Cat...Hiss ?

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My male cats are actually handling the new cat well the new cat hisses a little at ... I have an 8 week old female kitten and an older cat female my older cat is not .... but won't come out of my bedroom, and she does not like the kitten one Bit.

my old cat is hissing at our new kitten how do i get them adjusted ...


May 14, 2010 ... If you have a six week old kitten without the mother, then you will have some problems coming ahead for you that will be more then simple ...

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Apr 27, 2011 ... You can let the new kitten and the resident cat smell each other indirectly ... There will be hissing and growling – try to ignore it, but be ready to ... I thought everything would be okay once I introduced her to my 12 year old boy Wheat. .... upstairs but she has gradually got used to now does it 9 times out of 10.