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Troubleshooting Your iPod - Geek Squad

My iPod is Frozen and Does Not Respond. If your iPod constantly freezes or locks up, chances are that it needs a little love. There are numerous things that ...

What Do I Do If My iPod or iPhone Freezes Up? - iPhone/iPod

If it does happen to you, the question you'll be asking is "what do I do if my iPod freezes up?" The answer is the same as when your computer freezes up: restart it . The way you restart .... Can't Keep Your iPhone Powered Up All Day? Try This.

My ipad keeps freezing | Apple Support Communities

Dec 6, 2013 ... I also regularly close out the apps by double clicking on the home button and swiping them up and off the screen. That does nothing to help the ...

Why does my iPod keep freezing up? - iPod Classic - iFixit does my iPod keep freezing up

Oct 11, 2010 ... I try to reload it from my computer and it freezes up. ... Hi Debra, have you tried seaching the answers for "ipod freezes up" to see if your ... Does My iPod Keep Freezing up?&v=o9I9uHiasAo
Jun 11, 2011 ... Welcome to another one of my helpful tutorials. Today I will be showing you how to successfully un-freeze your apple iPod Touch or iphone.

My iPod keeps freezing up? | Yahoo Answers

Jul 26, 2008 ... For some reason, my 80 gig iPod classic keeps freezing. It's random, and it's really annoying. Like, I'll be playing a song, and I'll try to adjust the ...

Tips and Tricks: Crashes, Freezes, and General Belligerence | On ...

Jun 30, 2012 ... A freeze is where an App stops running and does not respond to taps or ... If the App keeps freezing, repeat step 3 and then do a full shutdown of your device .... Apple iPod Touch Support – ... Where are my Apps? - Backing up alternative to iCloudIn "Tips and Tricks".

My ipod keeps freezing help me out please!!!! -

mine does that too! and it like scrolls thruall the songs and puts them on .... everytime i connect my ipod video to the computer. it freezes up, and ...

IPOD keeps freezing all the time - no matter what you do ...

Hi all ... i'm new around here. i came accross this forum when i searched for solutions. my IPOD is gone crazy. Keeps freezing all the time. and i ...

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Q: Why does my iPod touch keep on freezing?
A: send it back to apple its their problem if under warrenty. Read More »
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Q: Why does my iPod freeze up whenever I take a walk outside?
A: It could have been a grounded circuit inside the IC room, have it checked immediately by a qualified technician, Source(s): I been tinkering those for quite som... Read More »
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