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Pennies In Bags of Water Make Flies Flee | Tennessee Farm Bureau


Jul 11, 2010 ... So how does a plastic bag filled with water drive flies away you may ask? ... one has found a plastic bag of water to work on keeping them away ...

Can a bag of water keep flies away? | HowStuffWorks


Learn why people might hang bags of water to keep flies away and if the practice works. ... Perhaps you've visited a restaurant and seen clear, water-filled bags hanging on the doors or cinched up in the outdoor dining ... How do flies breathe ?

Ziploc Bags Full of Pennies and Water Keep Flies Away- Fiction!


Ziploc bags filled with water and pennies can be used to keep flies away. ... Ziploc bags full of water and pennies don't act as a homemade fly repellent. This rumor ... Not sure why it works but it does! ... I swear by the plastic bag of water trick.

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Aug 28, 2009 ... Water,pennies and ziplock bags. Does it work? ... I asked why they were hanging and was told it keeps the flies away/it reflects and makes the ...

Why do plastic bags with water repel flies? | Reference.com


Plastic bags filled with water repel flies because the liquid within them refracts ... How do you keep flies away when outside? How do you get rid of sewer flies?

Do those homemade fly frighteners really work? | NOLA.com


Sep 22, 2010 ... View full sizeDoug MacCash, The Times-PicayuneWater-filled bags are ... Ahmand believes the dozen clear plastic bags of water and pennies he's ... the water bag theory to keep flies away from outdoor animal feed bowls, ...

You Bet Your Garden - Can Bags Full of Water Really Repel Flies?


Do pennies in a zip lock bag of water actually keep flies and mosquitoes away? Is this a proven natural method of repelling pests? ----Skip in Edmond, OK ...

Natural Fly Killer - A Zip Lock Bag of Water | WayCoolDogs.com


Apr 29, 2010 ... I did tried the ziplock bag and pennies this weekend. ... I swear by the plastic bag of water trick I have them on side porch .... that keeps flies, mosquitoes, wasps and bees away because they don't like to try to fly in the wind.

Do Water Filled Zip-Lock Bags with Added Pennies Keep Flies Away?


Jul 10, 2013 ... Long circulated tip claims that hanging a plastic bag half filled with water and containing four pennies will repel flies.

Repel Flies with a Bag of Water - Lifehacker


Jul 6, 2009 ... Turns out all you need to deal with that is a plastic bag or two. ... @Victor Arko: Do you use Original flavor Listerine or will the Minty kind work as well? Reply. Flagged ... how about for keeping wasps and bees away? I live in a ...

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Do Water-Filled Baggies Repel Flies? : snopes.com


Will hanging plastic bags filled with water repel flies from your area? ... Ms Sweety told us that these baggies kept the flies away! ... Origin:In the same vein as the oft-asserted claim that leaving bottles of water on one's lawn will keep dogs from ...

Keep Flies Away with Water and Pennies - HolisticHorse.com


The owner told us that these baggies kept the flies away! We actually ... Not sure why it works but it does!! Maggie: I swear by the plastic bag of water trick.

MythBusters Episode 156: Bug Special


Dec 1, 2010 ... Does water repel flies? ... Bags of water hung from the ceiling can repel flies. ... They then released over 5,000 flies from the first chamber and ...