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Why Does the Human Body Need Food to Survive ... -

May 6, 2015 ... Why Does the Human Body Need Food to Survive? Older man biting into an apple. Photo Credit Medioimages/Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty ...

How Does Food Impact Health? | Taking Charge of Your Health ...

Jul 3, 2013 ... The food we eat gives our bodies the "information" and materials they need to function properly. If we don't get the right information, our ...

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Feb 2, 2015 ... Does your family have a car? ... What fuel does your body need? ... If you are a vegetarian [don't eat animal foods] then you have to make sure ...

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All living things need food to survive. It gives us energy for ... Although water does not give us energy it is the most important nutrient. We may be able to live on ...

What Does Food Provide in the Human Body? | Healthy Eating | SF ...

The food you eat every day provides the nutrients you need to survive. These food components include the macronutrients – protein, carbohydrate and fat – that ...

Healthy Food is What Growing Bodies Need - By

Your body is made up of billions of individual cells, each specially designed to perform its own job. Whether it is a liver cell, a skin cell, a nerve cell, a blood cell  ...

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Ask pupils why we need to eat; then watch the following clip and see if they would like to add to their answers: BBC Learning Zone Clip 2288– Why do we need ...

why do we need food? | Yahoo Answers

Sep 6, 2007 ... Best Answer: We need food in the same way that a car needs petrol or fuel. Our body uses up energy everyday, not only to walk or exercise but ...

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Nov 20, 2009 ... To stay healthy our bodies need good quality food with nutrients in them. ... each nutrient and tell you what each does and where to find them.

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Dec 12, 2000 ... What foods should you eat to help your body function at its best? ... the U.S. population does not meet daily recommended dietary allowances.

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Q: Why does the body need food?
A: the body needs food to stay alive it also needs for vitamins your body needs vitamin C, D,A,B,etc. Vitamin C,D,A,and B are found in foods even drinks. You get v... Read More »
Q: Why does your body need food?
A: We are complex machines. Cars need petrol and we need food. It runs all the systems needed to keep the body working. It's more complicated than the most expensi... Read More »
Q: Why does your body need food?
A: our body needs food to survive a healthy happy balanced diet body. hope i helped: x. ~Also it helps with our mood, if we have a headache, or for for some simple... Read More »
Q: Why does your body need food
A: Food is a source of energy for all living beings, including humans.... ...MORE... Read More »
Q: Why does the human body need food to live?
A: according to the 1st law of can niether b created nor only changes frm 1 form to another...we have biochemical form of en... Read More »