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The photic sneeze reflex is a condition that causes variable difficulty to control sneezing in ... He assumed that looking at the sun's light made the eyes water, and then that .... Sneezing gen...

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Jan 10, 2008 ... For some people, bright lights mean big sneezes. ... Have you ever emerged from a matinee movie, squinted into the sudden burst of ... at the sun in The Book of Problems: "Why does the heat of the sun provoke sneezing?

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Oct 30, 2015 ... It's called the 'photic sneeze reflex' and is more common than you'd ... his Book of Problems: "Why does the heat of the Sun provoke sneezing, ...

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Jun 24, 2015 ... If you find yourself sneezing when you come from the dark into the light, ... "why does the heat of the Sun provoke sneezing, and not the heat of the fire? ... that he could make her sneeze by flashing lights into her eyes at a rate ...

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... send a message to your lungs to make you sneeze and flush out the nose. ... So, when you look at the sun, you eyes accidently trigger a sneeze. ... in some people it may trigger the sneeze reflex, just as pepper does when ...

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Jun 5, 2012 ... Sometimes, a funny thing happens when Dr. Roberta Pagon looks directly into the sun. She sneezes. Not just once though, but usually three ...

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May 12, 2015 ... Turns out there's a name for the phenomenon: photic sneeze reflex. ... Plus: The mystery sound and more fun facts about the sun, or as we like to call them: sunsplanations. ... sun. They want you to help them #ExplainTheSun.

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Nov 8, 2007 ... I hadn't even heard of that until you asked your question! ... Sun-sneezing has been called everything from photic sneeze reflex to ACHOO ... And it's even harder to make yourself sneeze on cue!) ... Is it because the sun engenders heat and so causes movement just as does tickling the nose with a feather?

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Feb 18, 2016 ... Photic sneeze reflexes don't seem to make any sense at first. ... like you're crippled to go outside," Manuel says), photic sneeze reflexes ... He wrote in his Book of Problems, "Why does the heat of the sun provoke sneezing?

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Jun 16, 2014 ... Why do certain people have solar sneezes? How does it work? Only in the past few years have scientists begun to understand this rather odd ...

Sneezing after being exposed to a bright light is called the photic sneeze reflex. Its cause is not well understood, but it may occur when nerves near those associated with sneezing become overstimulated.
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Nov 9, 2009 ... Have you ever stepped out of a dim subway station into the sunshine and ... There's still no hard evidence to fully explain sun sneezing, but .... She has the talent of being able to 'make' herself sneeze simply by looking up at the sky…she can usually only do it once though. ... It does not have to be sunlig...

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Jan 4, 2016 ... Perhaps as many as a quarter of us sneeze when we look at a bright ... Aristotle proposed that the sun's heat dries nasal fluid, causing the nose to tingle. ... of the optic nerve, such as you'd get from stepping into bright sunlight, ...

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Jun 16, 2014 ... You had no runny nose or desire to sneeze prior to this exposure to ... of The Book of Problems, “Why does the heat of the sun provoke sneezing? ... the moisture of the brain; for it will make the eyes run with water; and the ...