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These extra chains make olestra's molecular structure much different from that of the typical fat molecule. The reason that your body cannot digest olestra is ...

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Apr 18, 2010 ... For example, a Reader's Digest article characterizing CSPI as the 'food ... olestra might well be viewed as an astonishing waste of human, land, ... Though it doesn' t specifically mention olestra, it seems remarkably apropos:.

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The size of the molecule makes it impossible for the body to break it down — similar ... in the incidence or severity of digestive effects between people who ate olestra ... gastrointestinal complaints, it doesn't appear to be from the olestra chips.

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Aug 8, 2004 ... Olestra, like natural fat, has nonpolar hydrocarbon chains. ... To digest natural fats in the body, lipase (an intestinal enzyme that breaks down ...

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Snack foods occupy only a small portion of total fat consumption in human diet. ..... PCRM, online, "Olestra Covers Up Problem, but Doesn't Solve It," 1998 ... With this many fatty acids, digestive enzymes cannot get to the sucrose center where ...

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May 27, 2016 ... Another said digesting the gummy bears felt like a “violent hurricane… in my lower intestine. ... out of the body, and this led health professionals to worry that olestra would do the ... But that story doesn't necessarily seem right.

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Mar 1, 2001 ... Recent studies suggest that olestra's side effects aren't so bad, and it might even lead ... There's only one problem: Carrageenan may feel like fat, but it certainly doesn't taste like it. ... the two components, making it too awkward for digestive enzymes to grasp. ... Hacking the Nervous System to Heal...

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Mar 5, 2001 ... Our bodies can't absorb triglycerides, so in the digestive process each of the ... Frito-Lay's no-fat Wow! chips are made with an Olestra version of cottonseed oil, .... This doesn't mean we are oblivious of fat levels, of course.

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While it tastes like fat, its molecules are too big for the body to digest. So they leave no ... But it doesn't make the company add back any carotenoids. And that's a ...

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Aug 2, 2003 ... When the F.D.A. approved olestra in 1996, it required companies to ... K had been added because olestra inhibits the body's ability to absorb ...