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Why don't MacBooks come with cellular networking? – Marco.org


Feb 26, 2013 ... I'm not sure why Apple hasn't offered [4G networking on MacBooks] as an option yet, ... It's been long enough since cellular modems in PC laptops became ... limit that ran at about 1 Mbps on Verizon's new-at-the-time EV-DO network. ... With LTE, you can burn through a 5 GB data cap in an hour if you'...

Apple granted a further patent for MacBooks with built-in LTE ...


Jul 19, 2016 ... Apple has been toying with the idea of MacBooks with built-in cellular connectivity since 2007. ... specific reference to cellular antennas which would logically refer to LTE. ... in 2006 and was the first laptop of Apple's lineup to have an Intel chip. ... This patent has nothing to do with airwaves and spectrum.

New Apple MacBooks may have built-in 4G LTE network connection ...


May 25, 2016 ... New Apple MacBooks may have built-in 4G LTE network connection ... for a refreshed line of MacBook laptops to add to the recently released 12-inch Retina model. ... If Apple does add SIM capabilities to its MacBooks it's possible the data ... Apple · Samsung · HTC · Microsoft · Google ·...

KGI: New MacBook Pros, 13-inch MacBook to debut later this year ...


May 24, 2016 ... New MacBook Pros could feature secondary touchscreen OLED display ... Ming- Chi also said he expects that the MacBook Air line up will not receive further ... This could also pave the way to phasing the 13-inch MacBook Air model out all ... Still Apple laptops don't have touch screens, LTE and more.

Google's Chromebook Makes for a Fine Auxiliary Laptop - TidBITS


Feb 24, 2014 ... I know Steve Jobs said touchscreens on laptops don't work because of arm ... The Chromebook Pixel has MacBook Pro-level prices too: $1,299 for a 32 ... I can 't perform every task and solve every problem the way I would in a ... fields, and having LTE built-in is a boon when working in temporary offices.

Google Chromebook Pixel review - CNET


At the other end of the spectrum is Google's new Chromebook Pixel. ... That goes to $1,449 for the step-up model, which adds a built-in 4G LTE cellular .... Likewise , you can get a Mini DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter, but nearly all other laptops in this .... Honestly I don't like Macs but I would rather buy a Macbook than buy this...

New 12-in MacBook vs. Microsoft Surface 3 - Gizmag


Apr 7, 2015 ... Apple and Microsoft each have new mobile computing products set to launch soon, both of which might tickle your fancy. ... The new MacBook has a non- moving trackpad that will feel like it moves (thanks to Apple's new ... As a laptop/ tablet hybrid, the Surface naturally has a touch screen. ... LTE model.

Google Chromebook Pixel Review - SlashGear


Mar 5, 2013 ... Everything about this new Chromebook is top notch. ... The same way we felt when Apple went to the unibody design for the Macbook Pro is ... Don't worry though guys, the display is the best thing this laptop has ... regarding the keyboard has to do with sound, in two different ways. ..... Fancy but unfriendly

Top business ultrabooks with 4G/LTE or 3G connectivity


May 15, 2014 ... Of course, buying a 3G/4G ultrabook is not the only way to get your device connected ... You can use your phone or your tablet as a mobile hotspot ... This could have been a great laptop, it Lenovo wouldn't have ... appropriate pick, if you don't mind lugging around the extra pound. ..... apple-macbook-thumb ...

Time for a MacBook Air and iPad 2-in-1 | ZDNet


Jul 17, 2014 ... MacBooks have long needed integrated LTE, and this could happen with little ... There is no need to get fancy and have a dual OS function on the laptop. ... I don't see a need to make the two sides of the hybrid exchange data, either. .... Apple's way to hipster to do anything that someone else already did.

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Opinion: Wouldn't it be nice if the new MacBook Pro had built in 4G ...


May 25, 2016 ... Facebook · Twitter · Google · Pinterest · Reddit ... In 2011, a MacBook Pro with 3G connectivity and a SIM card slot from .... I don't think Apple will integrate cellular connectivity into the ... (Btw, I also think the Watch does not need its own LTE) ... in 2009 I had a asus ROG gaming ...

Why doesn't Apple release a MacBook with built in LTE data ... - Quora


Why doesn't Apple release a MacBook with built in LTE data services? ... So the impact on a laptop is a lot more than on a phone or tablet, and Apple doesn't want to ... Heck, you can't get a MacBook air with more than 4GB of memory. ... time out after 30 minutes and then one has to go through a new authentication process.

Why don't MacBooks and MacBook Airs have GPS chips? - Quora


Given the way people use a notebook: mostly in a Wifi network, moving the device ... How can I charge an Macbook Air when I don't have its charger? ... Quora User, Please Google it. ... Chrome Pixel is on Chrome OS is first laptop with built-in LTE chip. ... Why didn't Apple call the new MacBook (2015) the MacBook Air?