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Why GPS eats so much battery power, explained by a Google - ITworld


Oct 22, 2013 ... An answer to the question of why GPS eats so much more battery life, ... Why GPS eats so much battery power, explained by a Google engineer.

Why does GPS use so much more battery than any other antenna or ...


Jul 30, 2013 ... Why does GPS use so much more battery than any other antenna or sensor in a smartphone? UpdateCancel ... Robert Love, Software Engineer at Google ... Relative to other phone tasks, how much power does the GPS use?

How to Fix Bad Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Life - GottaBeMobile


Apr 26, 2016 ... Compare that to the much bigger Galaxy Note 5 last year, which only had ... How to Fix Bad Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Battery Life ... Find Apps Eating Up Your Battery ... Another option is to press and hold power and the home key for 7-8 ... So using Google Maps, letting Facebook messenger use GPS to find ...

golf apps killing battery - Balls, Carts/Bags, Apparel, Gear, Etc ...


Jul 10, 2013 ... I use Freecaddie which uses minimal battery and swing by swing .... -gps-eats-so -much-battery-power--explained-by-a-google-engineer.html. 0 ...

Does turning off Wifi save battery? Not really | Android Central


Dec 6, 2014 ... You're not using your Wifi, you should just turn it off to save battery. ... This is used in area where GPS signals may get confused or ... Ever wonder how Google can help you navigate inside the mall? .... Used to notice that a lot of power was going to WiFi on the battery monitor so I shut it off and use cell data.

5 Ways to Improve Battery Life on Android KitKat - MakeUseOf


Jun 4, 2014 ... Got a new KitKat phone with not-so-great battery life? ... which has Ultra Power Saving Mode), using the built-in battery saver tool was my first port of call. ... We previously explained how to enable ART, and the potential speed ... That way google can`t track me continuously and no app is using gps in ...

Issue 188909 - android - WiFi drain - Android Open ... - Google Code


Oct 6, 2015 ... So when my phone is dwindling down to 5% battery i may actually have 50%? ... for WiFi use as that doesn't explain the unexpectedly low overall battery percentage, ..... This is weird given how much power the wifi is using. ..... WiFi hotspot my GPS is broken and WiFi drain kicks in after I turn off the hotspot.

Random massive battery drain on Sony SW3 with 5.1.1 - Google ...


I suspected wifi was an issue from reading a few things online, so I went into ..... GPS is turned off and seemed ok for the first few hours. ... Personally I had WiFi disabled on day 1 because I was afraid it could eat up too much battery when .... but who knows how Sony's engineers set up power management?

Issue 165558 - android - "Mobile radio active" battery ... - Google Code


Apr 14, 2015 ... Now I know their is one and he is the HIGHEST POWER ever will be . .... but I still notice that the battery's draining faster eventhough GPS and mobile data .... I explained about this bug and how most phones with lollipop suffer it. ..... I wasted so much time to find a reason for the rapid battery drain, removed ...

How do submarines work? - Explain that Stuff


Mar 4, 2016 ... In theory, it should be much easier for ships to swim under the waves ... Submarines are ingenious bits of engineering designed to carry ... off its engine and go underwater, where it relies entirely on battery power. ... (10 days or so) and occasionally needs to be corrected using GPS, radar, or other data.

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battery - Why does GPS on the iPhone use so much power? - Ask ...


Oct 4, 2010 ... So the GPS power consumption usually comes from the real time nature of ... use battery energy so much faster than a single purpose GPS unit. ... meaning it could power the chip for 100 hours, if that were the only ... Sign up using Google ... Electrical Engineering · Android Enthusiasts · Information Secur...

3 reasons Google Play Services might be draining your battery ...


Nov 19, 2015 ... Because this particular service is responsible for much more than just updating applications. In fact, Google Play Services is crucial to your Android device's syncing, ... So when it goes sideways, it can quickly drain your battery. ... Let Disk Usage & Storage Analyzer zero in on what's eating up your Andr...

The apps that drain your phone's battery the most - Jun. 3, 2015


Jun 3, 2015 ... Your battery will drain faster if you use certain apps over others. ... entertainment - - happen to be the biggest guzzlers of battery power, ... of refreshes, turn off connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS) when not in use, dim ... than 1 million downloads on Google Play and core system apps. .... @DanPWill So what?