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... app requires Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher or any iOS 7.0 or higher. Related articles, Oculus Rift. Website, google.com/glass. Google Glass is an optical head-mounted display, tha...

Why Google Glass Will Not Be Another iPhone - Forbes


Jun 25, 2013 ... Will Google GOOG -3.78% Glass be another iPhone? Will Google grow the wearable displays market at the same level of success achieved by ...

Using Google Glass with Your iOS Device | | Que


Jul 11, 2014 ... If you are an iPhone user who owns Google Glass, read this article to learn how you ... the Glass-iPhone integration relies upon your Google data, not anything that you ... By running the initial Setup Wizard on your Glass, you can create a ... Another option to provide your Glass with Internet access is to use ...

Forrester: Google Glass will be the next iPhone (but now it's just a ...


Jun 20, 2013 ... Roughly 21.6 million Americans would buy Google Glass if it were ... that in time, Glass will be the next iPhone,” the Forrester study says. ... But head-mounted glasses-based wearable computing is not the only game in town.

Hey, Where's The Google Glass App For The iPhone? - ReadWrite


Dec 12, 2013 ... It's the reason Apple stalled Google Voice in the iOS App Store for well ... See also: Google Glass Can Play Music—Just Not Well, Nor For Very ...

Google Glass: Will its fate be Tablet PC or first iPhone? - TechRepublic


Jan 5, 2014 ... ... eve of CES. Still, there are couple things to keep in mind about Google Glass. ... But, I think it's also worth pulling another product into the conversation: Apple's first iPhone. ... Glass will not be a billion dollar product in 2014.

What Can Apple Watch Learn from Google Glass?


Mar 24, 2015 ... But Google said it is not giving up on the smart glasses just yet. ... However, there was another problem that was hard for the Segway to ... One notable exception to the strategy of gradual release was the iPhone, Fader notes.

The Google Glass feature no one is talking about | Creative Good


Feb 28, 2013 ... Like every other shiny innovation these days, Google Glass will live or die solely on the ... As if all that wasn't enough, Google Glass comes with yet another, even more ... How will anyone be sure they're not being recorded, in public or private? ..... If it can happen with an iPhone, it can happen with Glass.

Apple Watch vs. Google Glass: The psychology of wearables | iMore


Jun 25, 2015 ... The iPhone helped bring mobile into the future. Google Glass failed to do the same for wearables. What will the Apple Watch's fate be, and can psychology help us figure it out? ... With Google Glass, there was no way to not see it. It was a ..... The concept of the device itself was another—it was something ...

Google Glass 2 UK release date, price and specification rumours ...


Nov 18, 2015 ... Google Glass 2 might not be a pair of smartglasses after all, as the Google Glass ... Google Glass 2 UK price rumours: How much will Google Glass 2 cost? ... Another source said that less than five percent of the 300 Google .... Best iPhone & iPad apps for kids 2016: 66 awesome children's iOS apps for ...

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Pairing Glass to your Bluetooth phone - Google Glass Help


Swipe to find your phone type, either Android or iPhone, and select it to watch the ... If your mobile data plan supports tethering, Glass will use its Bluetooth data ...

Why did Google Glass fail: So, so many reasons | BGR


Feb 5, 2015 ... The definitive account of why Google Glass went down in flames ... plans to redesign the device completely from scratch and will not show it ... Samsung thinks you're ugly · This is how hot a 3D Touch home button would look on the iPhone 7 ... Another day, another B G R article on why Google Glass failed.

Google Glass 2: Everything you need to know | TechRadar


Nov 27, 2015 ... It is based on an old patent application, so hopefully not. ... It's possible that Google Glass 2 will be manufactured in greater numbers ... This would begin to alleviate another popular gripe about the original Glass: that the display ... the BBC, "I remember what it was like when we did the iPod and the iPho...