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18 Little-Known Gun Facts That Prove That Guns Make Us Safer


Aug 11, 2013 ... Why Join Us. http://jpfo.org / articles-assd03 / 18-good-gun-facts.htm ... Passing strict gun control laws will not make us all safer. In fact, as you ...

Pros And Cons Of Gun Control: Gun Safety and Security - SafeWise


See what the facts say about keeping a gun at home. Will it deter burglars and protect you, or is it a hazard to your family? Learn more here.

Is gun control bad (yes) or good (no)? | Debate.org


If the government takes away our guns, how will we fight back! ... Yes I get the reason why people say gun control is good but if you think about it humans where ...

Guns in America | Facts and statistics about firearms in the USA


Every year, guns are used over 80x more often to protect a life than to take one! ... Nations with strict gun control laws have substantially higher murder rates than ...

Gun Control - ProCon.org


Should More Gun Control Laws Be Enacted? ... thus upholding a law requiring a permitting process and "good cause" for concealed carry licenses in California.

11 Facts About Guns | DoSomething.org | Volunteer for Social Change


Approximately 20 percent of gun owners own 65 percent of the guns.

The Noble Uses of Firearms by Alan Korwin - GunLaws.com


While some gun use in America is criminal and despicable, other ... we can't get to a weapon-free world, because the good need them against the wicked.

Guns are good - WND.com


Guns are good. 'Right from the Heart' excerpt extols benefits of firearms. Published: 09/12/2003 at 1:00 AM. 0. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. ShareEmail.

Best and Worst Reasons Why People Own Guns


Hunting is a fine reason to own a gun - or several guns. Different game calls for different firearms, so there's good reason to own a number of shootin' irons if you  ...

Fifteen Reasons You Should Own A Gun - Ammoland.com


Aug 1, 2011 ... Quite a few criminals have used guns, therefore the government should take guns away from all the good people who don't commit crimes.

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Why Guns Are Good | Fox News


Jun 23, 2010 ... You know what the mainstream media think about guns and our freedom to carry them. ADVERTISEMENT. Pierre Thomas of ABC: "When ...

Three Good Reasons Americans Need Their Guns


Jan 25, 2013 ... SOURCE: The Truth Is Viral We live in a violent world. American citizens are much more likely to be killed by lightning than by international ...

Guns Defend Good People From Bad People | US News Opinion


Jul 26, 2012 ... The U.S. Department of Justice reports that guns are used 1,500,000 times a year to successfully defend good people from bad people—almost ...