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Should guns be banned in America? | Debate.org


They are many hit and runs in America, why shouldn't cars be banned? Guns are a part of every American's right. If you want a gun, go get one LEGALLY. It's the ...

Why shouldn't guns be banned? - Ask.com


There are many arguments against banning guns, including claims that there are already too many guns in the U.S., that reducing gun ownership would not ...

40 Reasons To Ban Guns - Arguments Made By Liberal Lawmakers


Banning guns works, which is why New York , DC , Detroit & Chicago cops need guns. ... Private citizens shouldn't have handguns, because they aren't "military ...

Gun control isn't the answer - LA Times


Apr 20, 2007 ... Why one reaction to Virginia Tech shouldn't be tightening firearm laws. ... At least two papers said we should ban semiautomatic assault ...

Should Handguns Be Banned? - Keep and Bear Arms - Gun Owners ...


In other words, gun bans in other countries have not stopped the violence. Even in ... Any way you look at it, criminals are going to be armed, so why shouldn't ...

5 Reasons We Should Not Ban GunsThe Firearms Show | Firearms ...


Dec 8, 2013 ... However, just because there are a few people that shouldn't have guns does not mean we should all lose our rights to have them.

Should guns be banned? - Quora


There are a couple of practical reasons not to ban guns and one constitutional. ... Anyone on medication for mental problems shouldn't be allowed to own a gun.

It's Time to Ban Guns. Yes, All of Them. | New Republic


Dec 10, 2015 ... December 10, 2015. Ban guns. All guns. Get rid of guns in homes, and ... “We shouldn't 'take them away' from people who currently own them, ...

Ten Arguments Gun Advocates Make, and Why They're Wrong


Dec 15, 2012 ... Why the latest mass shooting yet again proves gun advocates wrong. ... for which we'd say if we can't solve it completely and forever we shouldn't even try. ... ban reinstated, mandatory licensing and training for all gun owners, ...

Harvard Gun Study Claims Banning Weapons Doesn't Decrease ...


Aug 30, 2013 ... In an independent research paper titled “Would Banning Firearms .... Most gun crimes are committed by those who shouldn't even have guns.

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Q: Ressons Why Guns Should Not Be Banned?
A: It is the one thing that helps the populous stand up to a tyrannical government, now this was Jefferson but I don't think he envisioned GPS guided missiles or s... Read More »
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Q: Why should guns not be banned.
A: Your question is seeking an opinion. In MY opinion, banning guns only affects persons that comply with laws. Criminals, by definition, do not obey laws- includi... Read More »
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Q: Why should guns be banned.
A: Many people believe that the ownership of a firearm should be banned. Their intent is a good one. With no guns in circulation, the idea is that there would be l... Read More »
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Q: Why should guns be banned?
A: They shouldnt the president does not like the constitution so he wants to be a dictator he's gonna try to take our rights away one by one. So that ignorant peop... Read More »
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Q: Why should guns be banned?
A: I'd like to hear all of the stupid asinine reasons from all of you Anti-Americans who think the constitution means nothing. Go ahead. Update : P.S. After you're... Read More »
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