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Crawling doesn't guarantee indexing, either. Sitemaps tell search engines what to crawl, but ... Internet connection problem. .... Wrote good content, nailed the on- page stuff, had a few nice incoming links, but Google refused to index them, even though ... Once crawled, does Google believe the page merits being in the index.


Aug 12, 2014 ... One researcher has a compelling hypothesis as to why the once-booming ed- tech sector has struggled.


Apr 10, 2017 ... [Update: Google responds] Google still hasn't solved the Play Store's fake ... Fake reviews on the Play Store, or any other online marketplace, are not new at all. ... One possible answer is that by reviewing multiple popular apps, each ... We reached out to Google about a week ago about this problem, but we ...


The transition to this new service hasn't gone as smoothly as I hoped but I want ... Slow connection using Google, Facebook, and certain sites after recent upgrade ... First of all, I'm using all of the default settings on the device provided by AT&T. ... So the problem is, when I do a google search from chrome, it hangs there until  ...


Oct 31, 2014 ... It is imperative for Google to index your website in order for your site get any organic traffic from Google. ... This is the most essential SEO feature of all time. ... The first step to fixing an indexing issue is diagnosing the indexing issue. ... Give it a few days (at least), but if Google still hasn't indexed your site, ...


Mar 20, 2017 ... I'm surprised no one has pointed this out; you can report them for paid/spam links in your Google Search Console. It doesn't solve the problem ...


Mar 12, 2015 ... Solution: Thank you all for your input. We've ... I migrated our district to GMail this past summer, so I let Google deal with spam. Before that I ran ...


Sep 3, 2013 ... The issue gained attention in May after philosophy professors at San Jose ... to reach people choosing between a MOOC and no classes at all. ... says he has not been approached with an offer like the one Mr. Duneier received. .... Paid spam? .... This is a political problem and requires a political solution.