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Eliminative materialism (also called eliminativism) is the claim that people's common-sense ... The most common versions are eliminativism about propositional attitudes, as expressed by Paul and...

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described by saying that you desire that Smith love you. Or suppose that you fear .... attitude'—fear and desire are not propositional attitudes, but belief is.3. 3.

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Dec 9, 2009 ... But Janet can desire a yellow mango even when she is not trying to get one ... actions he believes are likely to make it the case that Janet loves him. ..... are attitudes toward propositions' or 'desires have propositional content'.

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judgement something is affirmed or denied, in love loved, in hate hated, in desire desired ... thing that is desired: what is desired is the object of the desire. In a state of .... But the propositional-attitude thesis does not say that perceptions are ...

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Are Not Propositional Attitudes'2 attack propositionalism about desire. Michelle Montague's ... might account for the attitudes of missing, mourning, and loving, which ... physics of intentional objects, but insists that 'the object of any desire is.

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Propositional attitudes are often cited as the paradigmatic example of the latter kind of mental state. ... as belief, desire, fear, hope—that a subject bears to what are typically (though not ... Consider "Williams fears bats" or "Simon loves ice cream." ... But some philosophers hold that, in addition to rationaliz...



A mental state can have as intentional object an individual (John loves. Marsha), a state ... states but also that of everyday intentional attitudes such as beliefs and desires ... (Dennett) Tacit propositional attitudes (the belief that New York is not.

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Jul 17, 2012 ... The two occurrences of "desire" are not examples of desire reports, but rather gestures toward an interest in propositional attitude reports ...

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terms of the propositional fail, but that some non-propositional attitudes don't ..... desire, and so on, one should be just as satisfied taking fearing, liking, loving, ...

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Oct 25, 2012 ... Some fundamental logical problems with propositional attitudes ... desiring etc., and statements (that may but need not be propositional attitudes). ... itself a propositional attitude, as in "Adam believes that Eve desires that Adam laughs". ... platypuses or the pope does not love duckbilled platypuses"...