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American Heart Month (United States); Black History Month (United States, Canada); LGBT History Month (United ...

Why Are There Only 28 Days in February? | Mental Floss


Feb 2, 2014 ... Which got the short stick because it's cold and no one likes it. ... Rather, February has 28 days because, to the Romans, the month was an ...

Why is February such a short month, having only 28 or 29 days ...


Jan 12, 2001 ... Basically Caesar Augustus stole a day for his month. - In the year 3961 AM, which we call 46 BC, Julius Caesar standardized the civil calendar ...

The Straight Dope: How come February has only 28 days?


Feb 27, 1987 ... How come February only has 28 days (plus an extra day in leap year) when ... But Numa needed one short, even-numbered month to make the ...

Why Does February Have Just 28 Days, Anyway? - Io9 - Gizmodo


Feb 24, 2015 ... February gets the shaft when it comes to days in the month. ... that Romans did to the calendar, and how that resulted in a single short month.

Why are there 28 days in February? - Slate


Feb 27, 2007 ... The shortest month of the year seems to have gone by in a flash. Why does February have only 28 days? It's the Romans' fault. Our modern ...

Why does February have only 28 days? | Reference.com


The designation of only 28 days in February began when King Numa Pompilius ... Through all these reforms, February remained the short month, as it was ...

So. Why is February So Short Anyways? - Neatorama


Feb 29, 2012 ... Have you ever wondered why February 29 is a leap day? ... he was peeved that his month - August - had only 29 days, whereas the mo...

Why is February The Shortest Month of the Year? : Culture : Latin Post


Feb 28, 2014 ... Now why is February so short? Well, it's short in order to harmonize it with the solar year. When February only has 28 days, like it does this year, ...

February: A Short Month with Big News — THE NEW OMNIVORE


Feb 27, 2016 ... On February 1st, cultured meat startup Memphis Meats announced they had created the world's first cultured meatball, an incredible ...

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Why does February have 28 days? Why 29 in leap years? - Quora


February was supposedly handed 28 days so that it would be the only month with an ... had to have one*; might as well make it the short and unpleasant month.

Why does February only have 28 days? | blog.enfocamp.com


February is wrapping up. It is a short month because it is “missing” days, but why does this month only have 28 days (or 29 in a leap year) instead of 30 or 31.

Why does February have 28 days, and July and August, 31 days ...


Since he now needed one short even-numbered month, he chose February, as it was considered the least favourite month for it arrived during the middle of ...