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The popularity of football can be contributed to the many historic, celebrated traditions that the season brings to fans all across the country. Mascots, rivalries, marching bands ...

History of American football

Football's increasing popularity is usually traced to the 1958 NFL ...... He was so famous at that point that his funeral was broadcast nationally on radio.

Why Is Football So Popular? - Forbes

Oct 9, 2012 ... Robert Griffin III was knocked out of a game this weekend. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife) New York is supposedly a Yankees town, ...

Why is football (American football / NFL) so popular in the USA but ...

I think Jason Lancaster gets the brunt of the answer right but I think there's another factor that will make it so that American football will never succeed ...

Why Is Football the Most Popular Sport in America ... -

Aug 15, 2015 ... Football's popularity has many... ... easy to follow. Magazines such as "Gaming Today" offer information so fans can make considered choices.

Why is Football (Soccer) so popular in all over the world? - Frihost

Some football clubs have lots of fan and some earn good on this game.If we think these all, wot makes this sport so popular... it's just a game that people get ...

Ten reasons the NFL has become so popular | Tampa Bay Times

Dec 22, 2008 ... It pitted the winner of the American Football League against the winner of the National Football League. It was a humble beginning. The game ... | Why Is The NFL Experience So Popular? - Football

What makes football so popular? The NFL season is perfect for the 21st century. There is a 16 game season followed by the playoffs and culminating with a ...

10 Reasons Why American Football Is the Best Sport in the World ...

Sep 14, 2011 ... While football has yet to make its name on the world stage (imagine a U.S. vs Britain football game. Blowout, anyone?), it is the opinion of many ...

Why is Football More Popular than Ever? - Marginal REVOLUTION

Oct 15, 2014 ... Or rather, baseball isn't doing so great and basketball is holding its own, but ... Football became popular in the U.S. as the U.S. became a world ...

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Q: Why is football so popular?
A: Its because its the most primitive kind of sport, one that anyone with a rolled up sock and 2 rocks marking the goal can play. So most of us play it, know it, a... Read More »
Q: Why is football so popular?
A: Cuz it was founded in England . Duhhh. Read More »
Q: Why is Football so popular?
A: Because you're stupid, you don't know the object of the game, you don't watch the game enough, you've never played a game in your life and you are very welcome ... Read More »
Q: Why is football so popular?
A: Football is so popular because of the excitement of the sport and the way it is presented. Read More »
Q: Why is football so popular?
A: And thats just it?? Why is it so popular? You have a bunch of guys who Rape, cheat, assault, break the law and have no moral sense of care to understand kids se... Read More »