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Is hunting a good thing? | Debate.org


Yes, hunting is a great thing. Why would hunting be a bad thing? Because " innocent" animals get killed? Come on people, they do the same. It is just the life  ...

25 Reasons Why Hunting Is Conservation


Reason No. 1 why Hunting Is Conservation: In 1907, only 41,000 elk remained in North America. Thanks to the money and hard work invested by hunters to ...

Why allowing trophy hunting is good for endangered species - LA ...


Aug 8, 2015 ... The controversy over the slaying of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe in July has mainly centered on whether Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist ...

Hunting: Good for the Environment

soilslab.cfr.washington.edu/esc110/2004Winter/project-examples/Benefits of Hunting/

Hunting has numerous positive effects on the environment. These include the large economic benefit to wild life conservation through hunting equipment taxes,  ...

How Hunting Helps Wildlife | The Daily Caller


Feb 1, 2012 ... I asked my parents if hunting were right even when things go wrong. ... I'd stopped and I began to tell people how hunting was good for wildlife.

Can trophy hunting actually help conservation? - Conservation


Jan 15, 2014 ... Can trophy hunting ever be a useful tool in the conservationist's toolbox? ... Anyone who believes they're doing a good thing has the veil of ...

Does Hunting Help or Hurt the Environment? - Scientific American


Nov 10, 2009 ... Dear EarthTalk: Hunting seems to be a real controversy among environmental advocates. Can you set the record straight: Is hunting good or ...

The surprising reason that hunting big game could be good for


Jul 31, 2015 ... But the truth about hunting big game is that it creates incentives for ... in a small country where there's no such thing as a “natural environment”.

Pros and Cons of Hunting


Hunting is an extremely controversial topic in the U.S. There are many people that support hunting and think that it is an acceptable thing to do. There are ... Both groups of people have very good reasons to support their belief. For example ...

Five things that hunting can do for you - Cleveland Sports News ...


Oct 17, 2008 ... For a small fee of $18, a Virginia resident can purchase a Hunting License good for one year from the day of purchase (or the ultimate ...

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Nov 17, 2003 ... In that case, hunting is good for the environment because the hunting ... all prefer habitats that are uncontaminated and full of wild things.

Is hunting good for the environment? what are the positive ... - Quora


Although I have never enjoyed killing for killing's sake and in fact struggle with it, I have done a .... This is how I believe we should view ethics. It is an attempt to do the right thing and better ourselves and better our image in the eyes of the world.

Why Hunting Deer is Good for the Environment - GenFringe.com ...


May 24, 2013 ... Deer Hunting is a pastime which helps the environment in a huge way, but is ... Many things could be listed, but I would point to the fact that the ...