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Why drugs are bad? | Drug Facts 4 Young People


Nov 25, 2010 ... In order to understand how drugs affect you, you must understand what drugs actually are. In general drugs alter the chemical state of a ...

Effects of Drug Abuse and Addiction | Gateway Treatment Centers


These changes are what lead to compulsive drug use, the hallmark of addiction. ... People who live with substance dependence have a higher risk of all bad ...

What Drugs Do To Your Body | Starlite Recovery in Texas


Legal drugs are drugs that we use because the good that they do outweighs the ... You can end up making some bad choices because the drugs you're doing ...

What's So Bad About Casual Drug Use? | TIME.com


Nov 21, 2013 ... So Representative Trey Radel, the Republican from Florida, a self-styled “ conservative voice” in Congress, has pleaded guilty to a ...

Top 10 Reasons Not to do Drugs and What to do Instead | Narconon ...


An examination of the reasons not to do drugs, including their negative ... Drugs are expensive even for casual use, but an addict needs to get high every week, ...

What are the dangers from using drugs? – DrugWise


The dangers of drug use depend on drug, set and setting factors. The drug bit is .... Women are often seen as doubly bad if they take drugs. Male drug use is ...

Facts for kids about drug and alcohol use and abuse


Drugs are dangerous to the people who use them, but people who use drugs don 't only .... Your brain may know that drugs and alcohol are bad for you, but once ...

6 Facts that Show Why Substance Abuse is Bad for the Teenage Brain


May 27, 2015 ... The brain does not complete this process until the early- to mid-20s, making adolescent brains highly vulnerable to drug use.

The effects of drugs - Live Well - NHS Choices


Find out about the most commonly used illegal drugs in England and Wales, including NPS, cannabis ... Frequent use can have a negative effect on your fertility.

Say No To Drugs - Reasons not to take drugs


Drug use can cause you to lose your ability to remember things, to think clearly and to study properly. Drug use gives you the impression that you are more alert  ...

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What You Need to Know About Drugs - KidsHealth


You've probably heard that drugs are bad for you, but what does that mean and why ... But it's not legal, or safe, for people to use these medicines any way they ...

The Truth About Drugs - Illegal Drug Use Statistics - Drug-Free World


The Truth About Drugs - Illegal Drug Use Statistics - Drug-Free World. ... I had a bad trip one night . . . I prayed and cried for this feeling to go away, I had voices ...

Drug Facts Chat Day: Consequences of Drug Abuse | NIDA for Teens


Drugs can be bad for you in lots of ways. Even occasional or experimental drug use can be dangerous, since drugs can have unexpected adverse health effects  ...