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A pet peeve or pet aversion is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to himself, to a greater degree than others may find.


If your pet peeve is how people misuse words, you're in the right place. ... about his own pet peeves and outbursts, under the heading, “I Am a Man Called Ove.”.


Jun 11, 2015 ... Given yesterday's airing of grievances against the world in general, I thought it might be interesting to look at where the phrase "pet peeve" ...


pet peeve (n.) "thing that provokes one most," 1919, from pet (n.1) in the adjectival sense "especially cherished" (1826), here in jocular or ironic ...


Define pet peeve: a frequent subject of complaint — pet peeve in a sentence.


Related to the word peeve meaning an annoyance or grievance, a pet peeve is something that a person has adopted(like a pet) to be extra annoying or ...


Pet peeve definition, a particular and often continual annoyance; personal bugbear: This train service is one of my pet peeves. See more.


Jan 16, 2013 ... Last October, a member of the Aspies for Freedom web forum began a thread called "Post One Pet Hate Every Day." Other members began ...


Nov 11, 2015 ... From colleagues' obnoxious behavior to strangers' inexcusable ways, we've polled The Huffington Post newsroom to find out exactly what ...