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People voting in a classroom. Young voters notoriously neglect the importance of voting, but their voice is an important one on both sides of the aisle. Key issues ...


Dec 2, 2015 ... ... majority of young people don't vote. Why is youth voting important? Read on to find eight (of many reasons) that teens should register to vote ...


Election season is in full swing and it is time to wake up and vote. ... The most important group of people who need to go to the polls is the young adults.


Learn about candidates' views on issues that are important to you, and vote in ... members who deploy to other countries to risk their lives - it's young people.


Young adults (ages 18-29) made up about 21% of the voting eligible population ... An important way to achieve this is to make their voices heard at the polls on ...


It's important for young people to vote because the government tracks the number that vote and politicians pay attention to voting groups that show up. Even if ...


Apr 30, 2017 ... Around 75% of people aged 65 and over will vote in this election; unless something thunderously radical happens in the next six weeks, only ...


Nov 19, 2015 ... 5 reasons that every eligible teen and young adult should get out and vote.


Jul 1, 2016 ... About 49 million young people are eligible to vote, representing a major ... Second, discussions and debates are important for young people.