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The Joy Luck Club (novel)


The Joy Luck Club is a 1989 novel written by Amy Tan. It focuses on four Chinese American ... Jing-Mei, who has been asked to take her mother's place in the Joy Luck Club, learns ... This disapp...

Why is Jing-mei's mother disappointed with the talent show


Jing-mei missed several notes, so Jing-Mei's mother was disappointed.

Jing-mei Woo: Two Kinds - CliffsNotes


To Jing-mei's mother, America is the Land of Opportunity. ... A few weeks later, Jing-mei participates in a talent show in a church hall. ... The weak applause and her parents' disappointed looks reveal the unmistakable truth: Jing-mei is not a ...

In "Two Kinds," what happens when Jing-mei plays the piano in front ...


Jul 8, 2014 ... Get an answer for 'In "Two Kinds," what happens when Jing-mei plays the ... Then , underscoring the theme of heritage in which Mrs. Jong takes credit for her daughter's talents at chess, Mrs. Jong's ... At home her mother expresses her disappointment in Jing-mei, but ... How did Rose show she acquire...

The Joy Luck Club Part 2, Chapter 4 Summary - Shmoop


When she was alive, Suyuan, Jing-mei's mom, believed in the classic American Dream, ... a prodigy when she continues to see her mom disappointed after every failed test. ... A few weeks later, Jing-mei has her grand debut at a talent show.

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How does Jing-mei's growth over the course of “Two Kinds” contribute to the ... When Jing-mei is a child, her mother believes that Jing-mei will be a “prodigy” (p. .... 142–144 of “Two Kinds” (from “It was not the only disappointment my mother felt ... she makes it clear that she still believes that Jing-mei has “natural talent” an...

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How does Jing-mei's performance at the talent show contribute to her growth as ... But when Jing-mei sees her mother's “stricken face,” she realizes that she is not .... “It was not the only disappointment” through “two halves of the same song” ).

The Joy Luck Club Chapters 7-8 Summary and Analysis | GradeSaver


Jing-Mei says her mother, Suyuan, shunned regret and always looked to make ... until she saw a little Chinese girl playing the piano on the Ed Sullivan Show. ... Suyuan and old Chang entered Jing-mei into a talent competition at church. ... happened with her mother, for fear of finding out how disappointed she really was.



does Jing Mei Too realize that her mother's ..... For the talent show, I was to play a piece called "Pleading Child" from ... And in a way, I felt disappointed.

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Get everything you need to know about Jing-mei “June” Woo in The Joy Luck Club. ... When I shyly told my mother this, she seemed insulted and said, "You don't even know ..... June gets sick of seeing Suyuan's disappointment, and one night, looks at ... at her usual time in the afternoon; June assumed that the talent show.

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What does Jing-mei's mother want her daughter to be - Answers.com


A piano prodigy ... What does the reader learn Jing-mei's mother initially expected her to be? ... Why is Jing-mei's mother disappointed after the talent show?

How does Jing Mei and her mother react to Americam culture in ...


Apr 11, 2010 ... Get an answer for 'How does Jing Mei and her mother react to Americam culture in "Two Kinds"? ... And, after seeing my mother's disappointed face once again, ... These are the Ed Sullivan show and the high parental expectations for Jing-Mei: encouraging her to develop her talents and urging her to get ...

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How did Jing-mei feel after her debut at the talent show? ... eyes burning into her back indicates that Jing-mei could sense her mother's strong disappointment.