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Why Can Love Be So Painful? 6 Ways to Heal and Move On | The ...


Apr 14, 2014 ... Love is painful, because it creates the way for joy, for bliss and for compassion. Love is painful, because it transforms you. Love is growth.

True Love SHOULD Be Painful - Seth Adam Smith


Jan 20, 2014 ... No, the “painful love” to which I am referring are those relationships that ... years earlier than he had planned so he could take care of his wife.

Why is love so painful? - Quora


Love hurts only if it matters to the person. If it doesn't matter enough to hurt, it's not real. We invest our heart, hope, and effort in real love, which means the ...

Why Love is Painful | The Unbounded Spirit


love-in-fire. Love is painful because it creates the way for bliss. Love is painful because it transforms; love is mutation. .... So whatsoever the pain, go into love.

The Pain Of Being In Love With Someone You Can Never Be With


Mar 25, 2014 ... It's odd how one thing could be the cause of so many contrary feelings. But that's what makes love so beautiful – it's the closest thing to ...

Why Love Literally Hurts – Association for Psychological Science


Jan 30, 2013 ... We agree that “love hurts,” but we don't think it hurts the way that, say, ... (The ACC, for instance, is closely related to affective painso much ...

Why Is Love So Painful? - Pragito Dove


Mar 29, 2012 ... Love is painful because it creates the way for joy, for ecstasy, for bliss. Love is painful because it transforms you. Love is growth. Love itself ...

No Matter How Much Love Hurts, These 5 Things Are Always True ...


Feb 19, 2014 ... My first brush with love's painful nip came at 16, when my boyfriend's friend called to let me know that Mike wanted to break up with me and that ...

Quotes About Painful Love (19 quotes) - Goodreads


19 quotes have been tagged as painful-love: Shannon A. Thompson: 'Among ... person, because that person will hurt you so many times than you can imagine.

Love Someone Who's Worth The Pain | Thought Catalog


Jun 4, 2015 ... If you can truly love someone despite the pain, then love should be easy. ... they are not worth the trouble of going through so much pain.