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How can I get my ball python to eat? ... It is best to leave a ball python alone to eat, and try not to disturb it at feeding time. I don't think you need a separate ...

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Make sure the snake is not in shed, as they will generally refuse food at such times. Step 5, Wait a .... That's how I feed a couple of my ball pythons. And if you ...

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Jan 31, 2013 ... Hey all, My 3 year old Ball Python Stella has not eaten since we moved .... Hey my ball python is 4 months old and hasnt ate in 3 weeks and im ...

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Ball pythons can be picky eaters, and if you're new to feeding a pet ball, it may take several trial-and-error attempts to find the ... A ball python will not attempt to eat prey that's too large for it to consume. ... Why Won't My Snake Eat His Mouse?

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Listed below are a few of my favorite tried and true techniques. 1) Know ... You can't expect your snake to feed if you don't know what it should be eating! Some ...

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Ball pythons are notorious for not wanting to eat. Find out what your ... How Do I Know What Size Prey My Ball Python Should Be Eating? Typically a snake will ...

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We hear this cry for help a lot, and yes - sometimes even about snakes we've sold! There's a variety of reasons a newly acquired snake won't feed, but they ...

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May 29, 2008 ... 22 months of not eating? That's almost 2 years! I wouldn't worry if your snake isn't losing weight, Ball Python's do this, especially when they're ...

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Other reasons for your snake not eating for longer periods than one or two feeds could include that it is being kept at an incorrect temperature, that it is overly ...

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Jul 29, 2006 ... If your ball python is not feeding and it's been at least four weeks or longer, you can .... My snake has not eaten in about 3 1/2 months now.

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Most ball pythons in the pet trade are imported from Africa. In Africa, they do not eat mice; they eat gerbils and other small mammals that smell nothing like the ...

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Feb 12, 2014 ... I feed rats exclusively my Ball Python collection because it provides a single prey item for them to learn and eat their entire life. You can feed ...

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A very common question or plea on just about every snake forum is “help, my ball python is not feeding” or “my snake was feeding and has nowstopped”.