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Sep 4, 2012 ... Here are seven interesting facts about cat whiskers. ... that's about what it's like for a cat whose whiskers get cut off. ... My cat has a stray whisker on his right thigh and one black whisker on his ... It fell out and hasn't returned.

Is It Okay If My Cat Lost A Whisker? | Cat Chat


Mar 9, 2012 ... It would be like cutting off your fingertips or earlobe. If you want good luck, you will have to wait for that whisker to fall out on its own. < Previous ...

Is it normal for cats to lose their whiskers? | Reference.com


It is normal for a cat to lose and regrow whiskers as a result of natural shedding. However, there are common diseases of the whiskers that can cause ... Why is my cat shivering? ... Whisker Loss · Purpose for Cat Whiskers · Function of Dog Whiskers · Excessive Drooling in Cats · Cat Tooth Loss · Cat'...

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Cat whiskers have an important role for the cat's body: they help judging distances and size, detecting objects and other animals from a considerable distance ...

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Cat whiskers, just like any hair, regularly fall off and are replaced by new ones. Unlike other hair, however, whiskers ... Why is my cat's hair falling out in patches?

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Just like fingernails, it's perfectly natural for a kitten's whiskers to break or get damaged. ... sense of balance -- they're practically the source of your cat's superpowers. ... It's 100 percent natural for whiskers to fall out and regrow -- they' ll come back after ... captions settings, opens captions setting...

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Mar 18, 2009 ... My cat was tearing around my apartment all morning chasing a foil ball. While he caught his breath on the couch, I noticed one of his whiskers ...

Whisker Stress -Does Your Cat Have It? – Conscious Companion


Jan 10, 2013 ... Because a cat's whiskers are so exquisitely sensitive, it can be terribly irritating to a cat if their food or water bowls are narrow .... My cats now eat off of dinner plates for just that reason. .... Our cat has some facial hair falling out.

What Happens if a Cat's Whiskers Are Damaged or Clipped


Apr 21, 2011 ... Damage a cat's whiskers and it will cause them not only discomfort, but also to become ... They also tend to get disoriented and fall. ... My cat got into a fight with a cat that was either dropped off in our area or it happened to ...

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Jan 10, 2016 ... It depends. Is it just a whisker here or there? Whiskers do fall out and new ones grow ... Why does my cat have 'whiskers' in the back of his two front legs? Why are cats afraid ... I am afraid the cat might fall off. What should I do?