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Cat Runny, Watery Eyes: Causes and Treatments - Pets - WebMD


WebMD discusses why cats may get runny or watery eyes.

Cat Eye Discharge and Eye Problems - Pets - WebMD


From a yellow, gooey discharge to excessive tearing, WebMD explains causes and treatment of eye discharge in cats.

Watery Eyes in Cats | petMD


Causes of epiphora due to the shape of the eyes is seen in many breeds. The overproduction of ... Causes. Conditions acquired by a cat can lead to epiphora.

Why do my cats eyes keep watering? | Yahoo Answers


Mar 25, 2008 ... In the last few weeks two of my cats eyes have started constantly watering, to where I have to wipe it away from their eyes once or twice a day.

Does Watery Eye Discharge Signal a Respiratory Infection? - Catster


Jan 30, 2013 ... URIs in cats have many causes and symptoms. ... My cat has a slight watery discharge from her right eye and it sometimes “catches” dirt as it ...

Epiphora (Excessive Tearing) in Cats - PetPlace.com


Aug 4, 2015 ... Tears are continuously produced on the eye in most cats. ... colorless, they can dry to a dark red-brown-black crust, especially in the cat.

Does Your Pet Have Runny Eyes? - Mercola.com


Jan 6, 2011 ... If your pet has excessive tearing, or epiphora, the constant watery discharge ... There are two primary causes for a dog's or cat's runny eyes:.

Is my cat's weepy eye a cause for concern? - Health Vet Weepingeye ...


Probably worth asking the vet about, he could have a scratched cornea or foreign body, both of which are easily treated. Since it's just the one eye, ...

Cat Eye Infection and other Cat Eye Problems | Ask The Cat Doctor


From the time I was a little girl, cat eyes fascinated me. At that time, it was more about how they looked …the colors, the shape of the black pupil in the middle ...

Eye Problems in Cats | PetHelpful


Feb 16, 2016 ... When a cat's eye surface is scratched, a cat will feel pain, will rub ... Suspect this disorder when the cat's eye is tearing but there is no redness.

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Cat Eye Care: Symptoms of Common Eye Problems


A good home eye exam just before grooming can clue you into any tearing, crust, ... Wipe away any crusty gunk from your cat's eyes with a damp cotton ball.

What Causes My Cat to Have Watery Eyes? - EnkiVillage


Irritated eyes are usually red and often painful to the cat. You may also notice tearing; if you do not see a rip, the tear drainage system could be blocked.

The Natural Cures for Cats With Runny Eyes - Pets


You can help soothe some problems with your cat's eyes -- the hereditary and non-viral or bacterial types -- with natural treatments. To start, wipe your kitty's eye ...