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Cat Runny, Watery Eyes: Causes and Treatments - Pets - WebMD


WebMD discusses why cats may get runny or watery eyes.

What Causes My Cat to Have Watery Eyes? - EnkiVillage


Irritated eyes are usually red and often painful to the cat. You may also notice tearing; if you do not see a rip, the tear drainage system could be blocked.

Just one runny eye....why? - The Cat Site


About a year ago my 8 yr old cat had one runny eye - clear liquid didn't really look ... I'd love for this baby's eye to stop watering so much!

Why do my cats eyes keep watering? | Yahoo Answers


Mar 25, 2008 ... In the last few weeks two of my cats eyes have started constantly watering, to where I have to wipe it away from their eyes once or twice a day.

Does Your Pet Have Runny Eyes? - Mercola.com


Jan 6, 2011 ... If your pet has excessive tearing, or epiphora, the constant watery discharge ... There are two primary causes for a dog's or cat's runny eyes:.

Runny Eyes in Cats - Vetinfo.com


The cat may display a number of additional symptoms which should be observed to get a clearer diagnosis of her condition. A cat with runny eyes may also have ...

Epiphora (Excessive Tearing) in Cats - PetPlace.com


Aug 4, 2015 ... Tears are continuously produced on the eye in most cats. ... colorless, they can dry to a dark red-brown-black crust, especially in the cat.

Does Watery Eye Discharge Signal a Respiratory Infection? - Catster


Jan 30, 2013 ... URIs in cats have many causes and symptoms. ... My cat has a slight watery discharge from her right eye and it sometimes “catches” dirt as it ...

Is my cat's weepy eye a cause for concern? - Health Vet Weepingeye ...


Probably worth asking the vet about, he could have a scratched cornea or foreign body, both of which are easily treated. Since it's just the one eye, ...

vision - Our cats eyes keep watering but she seems fine, should we ...


Apr 1, 2015 ... When we adopted our cat from a rescue & re homing centre a few weeks ago she had very watery eyes. We were told it was most likely the ...

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Cat Eye Care: Symptoms of Common Eye Problems - Pets - WebMD


A good home eye exam just before grooming can clue you into any tearing, crust, ... Wipe away any crusty gunk from your cat's eyes with a damp cotton ball.

Watery Eyes in Cats | petMD


... seen in many breeds. Learn more about the symptoms and treatment of epiphora in cats, below. ... Causes. Conditions acquired by a cat can lead to epiphora.

The Natural Cures for Cats With Runny Eyes - Pets


You can help soothe some problems with your cat's eyes -- the hereditary and non-viral or bacterial types -- with natural treatments. To start, wipe your kitty's eye ...