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Goldfish sit at the bottom of a tank when they are not well, often because toxins have built up in the water. Goldfish are usually active, and lethargy is a sign of...

My Goldfish Keeps Lying Down On The Bottom Of Her Tank In One ...


My goldfish keeps lying down on the bottom of her tank in one corner. She's normally a bit crazy and swims around all the time but she just keeps settling there ...

Why Is My Goldfish Lying At The Bottom Of The Tank? | My Aquarium Club


I have had a goldfish die from this 2 weeks ago, he just lay at the bottom of the ... Basically there is more to fish tanks than setting up equipment and filling it up ...

Is Our Goldfish Dying? - My Aquarium Club


About a week ago our goldfish stopped swimming and has just been breathing on the bottom of the tank. When I put food in the tank he will eat it if it falls on him  ...

Symptoms of a sick goldfish - Goldfish Care Guide


Mar 5, 2008 ... My fantail goldfish is at the bottom of the tank and only goes up for food .... my gold fish is folting at the bottom of its fish tank and it just started ...

Is It Normal for Goldfish to Hang Out at the Bottom of the Fishbowl ...


Goldfish are hardy fish, capable of thriving in water conditions that kill many other fish. They can survive in algae-filled water and muddy conditions, but they do ...

20 Gallon Tank: Goldfish Laying On Bottom! Cycled Tank, No Ammonia ...


Hello, For the past 2 weeks my Goldfish fish has been laying on the bottom of the tank on and off. I have no idea what is causing this. At first I.

Goldfish lying on bottom of tank | Pet Forums Community


Aug 22, 2014 ... One of my 6 goldfish has started lying on the bottom of the tank. This has been going on for about 4 days now. She does swim around at times ...

Poorly goldfish!! - Netmums


Since I emptied and cleaned my tank, both of my goldfish are hanging around the bottom of the tank, aren't as active as they were and ...

My Goldfish is laying at bottom of tank and still breathing whats ...


Aug 15, 2006 ... My goldfish is about 6 months old it is laying at the bottom of the tank it is laying on its side and seems to be alive still. It has been fed and ...

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Q: Why is my Goldfish at the bottom of the tank?
A: Please help, I bought a goldfish today and put it inside its new home straight away when I arrived at my house. After about an hour, he just stayed at the botto... Read More »
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Q: Why is my goldfish at the bottom of the tank?
A: Tank size? Filter? How many and what type of goldfish? Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate readings? We need more info to help however I'm guessing poor water quality.... Read More »
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Q: Why is my Goldfish at the bottom of the tank?
A: I know when we get fish we put the bag in the tank and let it float for a little while so the water has time to adjust to the tank, and thus the fish is also ad... Read More »
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Q: Why are my goldfish at the bottom of the tank?
A: do you have a good filter on the tank, gold fish are messy and get ammonia build up fast.take out some water and replace it with fresh conditioned water . plain... Read More »
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Q: Why is my goldfish laying on the bottom of the tank?
A: BECAUSE IT'S DEAD! When fish die, they float to the top and get stuck on the filter. The fish is sick. There are to many nitrates or ammonia in the tank. Change... Read More »
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