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Why is my left eye is smaller than the right eye? - Ask a Doctor


Jan 18, 2014 ... Hi, question about my eye. One of them is noticably smaller than the other right now. This has happened before, usually when I don't get ...

Why has my daughter's right eye been getting smaller? Everyone ...


Jul 3, 2012 ... It is critical to determine whether your daughter's right eye is indeed smaller than the left, or whether it appears smaller than the left. This can be ...

my one eye is smaller than the other one. - YouTube


Feb 23, 2011 ... My left eye is so smaller than my right eye help me please? ... Most annoying is while taking picture I always do my left eye bigger and then it ...

Why is my right eye smaller then the left one? » DoctorNDTV Queries


Oct 8, 2005 ... A. If you feel the appearance of the right eye is smaller than the left eye with ... Why do I see things smaller from my right eye than the left one?

My left eye is smaller than my right - YouTube


Feb 22, 2011 ... My left eye is smaller than my right. 12BOCHOA ... What Can Cause One Eye to Look Bigger Than the Other? - Duration: 0:53. by Dr. Dan ...

Right eye smaller than left eye. Help? | Yahoo Answers


Apr 30, 2013 ... My right eye looks smaller than my left eye. They look the same size from the front view, but are definently different sizes from the side views.

Why does my left eye look smaller than my right eye? - Quora


From your question, it is unclear whether you think the white of the eye is smaller than the other or that the appearance of your eyes in the mirror is small...

My little girls right eye looks smaller than her left..? - Netmums


I noticed a few weeks ago that her right eye looks as if her eyelid hangs down a little bit over her eye making her eye look smaller than her left ...

When You Smile, Does One of Your Eyes Look Smaller Than the ...


May 1, 2009 ... And oddly, in every case but Shannen's here, it's the eye on her left side (our right ) that is smaller—strange, right? Oh and if you want to hide ...

One eye now smaller than the other? - Thyroid Disorders Message ...


Jun 14, 2006 ... I noticed in photos from the last several months that my right eye looks about half the size of my left eye. I have Hashi's. I started on Synthroid in.

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Q: Why my left eye looks smaller than my right eye?
A: Because maybe it is? Most of people don't have totally equal ears, hands, legs, brest, eyes,.... so, don't worry. I'm sure it's not so different. Read More »
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Q: Why my left eye looks smaller than my right eye?
A: Only with surgery. Find a competant eye surgeon to see if it's doable. It usually is. Read More »
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Q: My left eye is smaller than my right eye.
A: My left eye is smaller than my right eye. I also wear contacts and i never really take them out and one time i actually woke up missing a contact but i never fo... Read More »
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Q: Why is my top left ab is smaller than my right.
A: It just means that you exercise that muscle more, whether intentionally or not. If you're NOT ambidextrous, you will naturally use one side of your body more th... Read More »
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Q: What is the reason why my left rib is smaller than my right?
A: A human has different kinds of ribs that make up the rib Read More »
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