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Why do I feel tired during my period? How much bleeding is normal during a period? What should I do for period lasting longer than usual? And the list goes on.

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A woman's period usually occurs every 28 days, but normal menstrual cycles can ... including: a heavier menstrual flow; a period that lasts longer than seven days; ... There are many causes of abnormal periods, ranging from stress to more ...

When Prolonged Menstrual Bleeding Is a Cause for Concern


Feb 17, 2010 ... Doctors consider normal menstrual bleeding a period that lasts from three to seven days; ... Causes of Prolonged Menstrual Bleeding. You may ...

How Long Is A Normal Period? 9 Causes Of Menorrhagia, AKA ...


Feb 16, 2015 ... That said, we do all know what's normal for us, so when our period lasts longer than usual, it's easy to get alarmed. What is going on in there?

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If your period is lasting longer than 9 days, I think it's time to visit your healthcare professional to see what's ... My period has always lasted longer than a week.

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Sep 2, 2009 ... Irregular menstruation; Heavy, prolonged, or irregular periods; Menorrhagia; ... Bleeding for more days than normal or for more than 7 days; Menstrual cycle less than ... Other causes of abnormal menstrual bleeding include:.

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Feb 1, 2016 ... If a woman's menstrual period is excessively heavy, prolonged, or irregular, it's known as menorrhagia. ... What causes menstrual irregularity?

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Periods are considered “longer than normal” when they consistently last for more than ... My period was lasting more than 7 days and was extremely heavy.

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A period that lasts longer than seven days is considered prolonged. ... There are many possible causes for prolonged bleeding but, not being a doctor, I wouldn't ...

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Cleveland Clinic explains that the average period lasts from four to seven days. Chronically long periods lasting longer than seven days may be an underlying ...

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If your period is lasting longer than usual but it was late to begin with, you have probably ... Menorrhagia is a condition which causes heavy or irregular periods.

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For teens, a normal cycle can be as short as 21 days or as long as 45 days. ... Pelvic pain that is not linked to menstrual bleeding and lasts longer than a day.

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Oct 20, 2014 ... There is a broad range of what's considered a “normal” menstrual cycle, ... Your periods stop for more than 3 months and you are not pregnant. ... your menstrual cycle, read the post, What Could Be Causing My Period Pain?