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Criticism of Myspace


Turkish rock musician Aylin Aslım, who has a Myspace account said the block was a serious violation of rights for independent ...

How to Block MySpace Users - For Dummies


You can block other MySpace users so that the person can no longer contact you at all through MySpace. That means (s)he can't comment your page — or send ...

Block Another Profile – Help Center - Myspace


How to block Hover over the display image Hover over the connect icon that appears in the upper-right-hand corner of the image ...

Myspace | Block and unblock user


May 11, 2012 ... Go to their Myspace profile, on the right hand side you will see the options menu, click the options menu on the right and select Block User.

UNBlock Someone on Myspace - ProfileRehab


When you block a user on myspace it automatically removes them from your friends list (if they were on it). Unblocking someone will not readd them to your ...

Problems blocking MySpace using HOSTS file | Exodus Development


I did as your instructions said and I'm still able to access myspace. I've pasted my host file below. What else can i do? I really need myspace blocked.

MySpace Blocking Stickam - Mashable


Oct 2, 2006 ... In another bamboozling move, MySpace has now blocked Stickam webcam codes. At the end of last week, the team reported that ...

How to un-block ProjectPlaylist on Myspace - Instructables


Myspace recently blocked HTML codes from music site Project Playlist ''(or Playlist.com)''. This guide will teach you how to get your Project Playlist BACK onto ...

WomensLaw.org | Safety with Social Media | Safety with MySpace ...


Jun 7, 2013 ... If someone is harassing you on MySpace, you have the option to either "block" the person who is harassing you, which will stop him/her from ...

Block MySpace.com on Windows: zero cost, no additional software ...


I've been asked how to prevent access to myspace.com on Windows systems without having to purchase or install blocking software. Well, there's a free and ...

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How to Unblock MySpace Users - For Dummies


You can unblock MySpace users from your Blocked Users list — where you can see all the users you've blocked. So, if you change your mind about who you ...

How to Block a User on MySpace: 5 Steps (with Pictures)


How to Block a User on MySpace. MySpace is a great place to get to know some new people, meet up with old friends and express yourself. However, there are ...

Block Someone on Myspace - ProfileRehab


How do I block another person on myspace? How can I block someone on myspace?