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Western Asia, West Asia, Southwestern Asia or Southwest Asia is the westernmost subregion of Asia. The concept is in limited use, as it significantly overlaps with the Middle East ...

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Southwest Asia, also called the Middle East, extends from Afghanistan in the east to Saudi Arabia in the West, ... Afghanistan is a country in South West Asia.

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In relation to western Europe (instead of Asia) it is in the middle of the east.

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Mar 2, 2009 ... On the face of it, “Southwest Asia” looks like a geographic reference, and it ... at SUNY Binghamton, called the Program in Southwest Asian and North ... of ' Southwest Asia' instead of the Middle East as the area of crisis and of ...

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Feb 24, 2012 ... It typically refers to southwest Asia, particularly Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, ... Oddly, in Asia, what we call the “Middle East” is called “Western Asia.

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People confuse "The Middle East" with "The Greater Middle East". "The Middle East" is a .... *Student A rolls eyes*: Ugh, first thing in the morning and I get called on for having long hair. Can't you at least say something nice like 'You're pretty' or  ...

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Middle East Asia and West asia is the same region but depends upon who is referring to it. ... Related QuestionsMore Answers Below. Is the Middle East and West Asia, one and the same? Shouldnt the "Middle East" be renamed South- West Asia?

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Aug 14, 2014 ... Middle East, the lands around the southern and eastern shores of the ... who tended to divide what they called the Orient into three regions.



WHY IS THE MIDDLE EAST CALLED A TROUBLE SPOT? ... Along with western Asia, much of this land is inhospitable, with dry desert in the Arabian Peninsula, ...

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Most commonly called the Middle East, southwest Asia is most notable for its vast territories. Countries that make up this region include Turkey, Saudi Arabia, ...