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The stamp just says “POSTAGE” and “ONE PENNY. .... From this point it is easy to follow the history of stamp design. .... But others are long and sinuous. ... The exact curve, or lack of curve, in the entrance walls can affect the flow rate by up to 50 ..... So to begin, a radiologist will use the collarbones (clavicles) as a guide.



inferior to the clavicle. The fibers pass ... The vessel follows a sinuous course in the subcutaneous ... its path. It also has two named branches: the inferior labial and superior labial arteries. ... Each joining is said to be a palpebral commissure.

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Nov 22, 2010 ... His synthesis of animal shapes, vine-like curves, hints of bone and skeleton, ... from the 1890s who took influence from sinuous shapes in plants and nature. ... eyebrows or clavicles, which keep to the anthropomorphic tone. ... As said by Antoni Gaudí himself, "Those who look for the Laws of ... Follow us in ...

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Seth's and Zio's left hands are transformed (the rest of the body follows suit, in Seth's case. ... of combat) and distinctly huge, protruding collarbone, which can be seen on all of its forms. ... Said neighbour later reveals Alys is also into poetry. ... her growth curve is such that other characters quickly catch up if yo...

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Mar 6, 2013 ... Follow up excavations during April, October and December 2008 removed .... posterior angle on clavicle margin; PaSh, parietal shield of skull roof; pbl, ...... 4C) , a structure well documented in Eusthenopteron, but said to be absent .... as a rounded edge, and a sinuous central ridge posteriorly, which curves ...

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As long as she follows their instructions, like any memorialist Twoseret stands deathless. ... heavy on the bough, down bridges whose curves follow theta- rhythms. .... “I see,” she says, and seals the oceanic palimpsest between them. .... Then it becomes more sinuous and muscle-dense, shedding the eigenvector jacket and ...

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Also known for its flowing style with sinuous curves and naturalistic motifs that was ... This list assign birthstones as follows: .... the collarbone just like a dog's collar, this look was popular in Edwardian times, around the turn of the twentieth century. .... anymore and is said to be a "dead" stone, lowering the val...

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customize everything, and find and follow what you love. ... sinuouskiss sinuouskiss.tumblr.com ..... I would say that I'm sorry for this but I would be lying to you ... The way your hips swayed as you walked, how you had perfect curves, your sinful lips ... He leaned down and marked your collar bone as he increased his pace.



Ic, interclavicle; Icf, interclavicular foramen: PI, palatine; Ps, parasphenoid;. Pt, pterygoid; Sc ... definitely said that the quadratojugal bone is absent in all plesiosaurs, as a distinct ..... the symphysial angle the curve is smoothly and deeply concave, the ... is not evenly concave as in T. osborni, but is sinuous, with a conve...

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Mar 27, 2014 ... b) a second curved portion connected to the first linear portion, said second ..... access through the sinuous, spasm-prone and more thrombogenic arterial ... then the right sub-clavicular artery, forming a normally gentle bend followed ... The new curve is especially designed for the right radial access to the ...

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Q: Why is the clavicle said to follow a sinuous curve.
A: It has an S-shape. Read More »
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Q: Why is the clavicle said to follow a sinuous curve?
A: Depending on how severe the symptoms are, and what type of asthma you have been diagnosed with, there are several things you can do, 1. Just live with it. 2.Tak... Read More »
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We humans are odd creatures: tailless bipeds with sinuous spines, long limbs, ... our ancestors stood upright—the first step in the long path to becoming human. ... evolved wide clavicles that allowed them to hang suspended from branches ... " Bipedalism is a unique and bizarre form of locomotion," says Craig Stanford, an ....

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Near the lateral end of the scapula what curves the anteriorly and inferiorly from the clavicle? Near the .... Why is the clavicle said to follow a sinuous curve?

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Jul 7, 2014 ... “The mine is weeping,” they said to one another. ... the port city of Coquimbo, nearly two hundred and fifty miles from the San José Mine, they joined the path that Darwin had followed. .... The low beams illuminated a sinuous gray tunnel. ...... Alex Vega's clavicle was starting to push out against his skin.