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In human anatomy, the clavicle or collarbone is a long bone that serves as a strut between the ... From the roughly pyramidal sternal end, each collarbone curves laterally and anteriorly for roughly...

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Clavicle definition, a bone of the pectoral arch. See more. ... And the clavicle alone, Berger says, would have electrified the world of paleoanthropology.

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The clavicle or collar bone is a long, curved bone on the upper portion of the ... From the roughly pyramidal sternal end, each clavicle curves laterally and ...

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We humans are odd creatures: tailless bipeds with sinuous spines, long ... our ancestors stood upright—the first step in the long path to becoming human. ... evolved wide clavicles that allowed them to hang suspended from branches and feed on fruit. To follow the head, a baby's shoulders must also rotate two times to work ...

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Viewed from the anterior position, the clavicle forms a convex curve at its medial end before forming a smaller concave curve near its lateral end. The lateral end ...

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We report a possible association of unilateral absence of a clavicle with rapidly progressive scoliosis. Cleidocranial ... Eighteen months later, the curve progressed to 52 degrees, Risser 1. ... Correction was maintained at 5-year follow-up.