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"The Moon is made of green cheese" is a statement referring to a fanciful belief that the Moon is composed of cheese. In its original formulation as a proverb and  ...

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Everybody knows that earth's only satellite does not, in fact, consist of fatty dairy products. So where did the myth that the moon is made of cheese come from in ...

Is the Moon Really Made of Cheese? - Space.com


Mar 1, 2012 ... This NASA moon rock was collected by astronauts on the Apollo 14 ... even the smartest scientists didn't know what the moon was made of.

Why Did People Once Think the Moon was Made Out of Cheese?


Oct 4, 2012 ... In fact, nobody really ever thought the Moon was made of green cheese… Well, there are nutters out there, so it's possible that there was at ...

Reasons To Believe : Evidence Indicates the Moon Is Made of Cheese


Jan 5, 2015 ... For centuries scientists have wrestled to explain the origin of the Moon. Popular theories include a giant impact event (in which a Mars-sized ...

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Of course the moon's made of cheese - how else do you explain the holes and the yellow colour...

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The moon is made of green cheese: The source of this phrase and how to use it.

What is the Origin of the belief “The Moon is Made of Green Cheese”?


The belief “The Moon is Made of Green Cheese” has its roots in the fable wherein a simpleton sees the moon being reflected in water and thinks it to be a round ...

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Educators and scientists say that CF Theory is no more than a barely disguised reworking of the ancient “Moon Is Made Of Cheese” Theory. Our debate today ...

Incontrovertible Evidence That The Moon is Made of Green Cheese


Scientists, mainstream media outlets, and the international cheese industry ... the moon is not made out of “rocks” or “minerals” as some authorities claim, but out ...