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Cohesion or cohesive attraction or cohesive force is the action or property of like molecules ... Water, for example, is strongly cohesive as each molecule may make four hydrogen bonds to other wate...

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What results from the oxygen atom being at one end of a water molecule and the ... Cohesion. 6. Why is water extremely cohesive? It is very cohesive because of ...

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Cohesion allows substances to withstand rupture when placed under stress while adhesion is the attraction between water and other molecules.

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water is the principal solvent in living things; water exhibits both cohesive and ... because of hydrogen bonds in liquid water, water has an extremely high heat of ...

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A water molecule is polar because there is an uneven distribution of electrons between the ... Because of hydrogen bonding, water is extremely cohesive.

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1) Water is extremely dense, and like all dense materials, it can absorb a .... ability to moderate temperature, and cohesive behavior) result from the fact that ...

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A number of unusual physical properties are a direct consequence of cohesion between water molecules due to hydrogen bonds formed between -H and -O- of  ...

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Aug 31, 2014 ... These are extremely simple questions — basic biology — but I would like ... characteristic benefits to water: cohesion (holding water molecules ...

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Hydrogen bonds make liquid water cohesive ... extremely important factor in enabling life to appear, survive and evolve; if ice were more dense than water it ...

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On extremely clean/smooth glass the water may form a thin film because the ... and water molecules (adhesive forces) are stronger than the cohesive forces.

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Due to the presence of very strong hydrogen bonding between the water molecules. See the Related Questions for more information.

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May 2, 2016 ... Capillary action occurs because water is sticky, thanks to the forces of cohesion ( water molecules like to stay close together) and adhesion ...

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Investigate the cohesive and adhesive properties of water. Surface ... In contrast, the air pulling upward acts as an extremely small force on the water's surface.