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By far the most important organs of sense are our eyes. We perceive up to 80% of all impressions by means of our sight. And if other senses such as taste or ...


More than just sight is measured in terms of visual acuity; vision is the process of .... Not just acuity is important in measuring whether a person can "see" or not.


Jul 2, 2011 ... We have important senses in our body: the sense of taste, hearing, touch, smell, and sight. One of the most important senses is our sight.


The sense of sight is important as it helps compensate for a loss of other senses, enables the differences between good and bad food to be distinguished, helps ...


Sep 21, 2014 ... Sight is the most important sense for me. Around 80 percent of the information from the outside that reaches our brains comes from our eyes.


A vital organ of vision it plays a very important role not only in life but also the Human body. The human eye is the organ which gives us the sense of sight, ...


Thanks for A2A. A very interesting question! I'll give you my view. A person without eye sight ... "Sight" is a powerful sense, most definitely. However, I believe, this very disadvantage will push us to overcome it. To may be find a new technology, to give sight ...


Jan 30, 2017 ... Out of all the five senses, your vision seems the most important. Humans are fairly unique in their reliance on sight as the dominant sense and ...


I would concur with touch being the most critical. We can live reasonably well if blind, ... The most important sense of the five senses is sight.


Sep 19, 2012 ... Indeed, Plato (arguably the greatest philosopher who has ever lived) believed that sight was the sense that leads to God and truth. “The sight in ...