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Okay so the first couple of days I had my action replay it worked fine and I could enter codes and everything. The next day I put my game in the ...

Jun 22, 2013 ... via YouTube Capture.


None of the codes r working no matter wat i put my action reLay is a v1.60 wat do i need to do ... Action Replay isn't working right, how do I get zorua? Answered.


when i insert my action replay, my ds says there is no ds card inserted. i .... Well, you might have to wait a few seconds, or if it still isn't working, you can go to the ...


I just bought my action replay the other day went to try it. the 3DS says "there is ... it is reading it correctly, Nin probably Blacklisted it so it will not work unless AR ...


Hi there I'm having issues with my Soul Silver and my action replay. Whenever I put soul silver into the action replay the screen goes black and then restarts the ...


Action Replay is a specific brand of video-game cheating device for Nintendo DS and other ... Input codes and check that your Replay is working correctly. ... How do I fix my Nintendo DS if there is a message on the screen reading, "gz"?


Jul 15, 2011 ... My action replay wont read my Pokemon platinum game! I have to scroll all the down to do it! Game id right don't know why it wont work?


my action replay for ds did works perfect, buta day didnt work anymore cause it say ..... How come when I try to put in a new game name it says that there isn't a ...


Action Replay for Nintendo 3DS, DSI, DS Lite and DS - DSi Yellow. byDatel ... I plugged it into my 3ds according to online instructions and got an error message claiming "An error has occurred. .... For the games I'm using the chip for, the product seems to work well. .... Now it says the version number isn't detected. Then I try ...