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The Downsides of Pregnancy I Secretly Love | Babble


For several months now, I've accidentally been walking around in public wearing a nightgown. ... I'm pregnant, and I got a lot of my maternity wear secondhand. ... I have better things to concern myself with — like what I'm going to eat next.

Sex during pregnancy - BabyCentre


Can I have sex while I'm pregnant? Will sex harm my baby? Are there times when I shouldn't have sex? Will sex feel as good during pregnancy? I've gone off ...

Why I'm having my first baby at 51 | Life and style | The Guardian


Nov 9, 2012 ... I tried to blank out the disappointment and went back to sleep but when I woke .... She was slow to go public about her pregnancy, "partly because I didn't ... And I' ve taken pleasure in consulting women half my age about ...

On Pregnancy And Privacy And Fear - The Rumpus.net


May 2, 2012 ... I have enough friends with babies to know how this works. .... about my body, my choices, are even up for public commentary and public debate. ..... And for what it's worth, in almost 10 months of pregnancy (I went almost 2 ...

Working in pregnancy - Tommy's


When do I have to tell my employer I'm pregnant? ... It doesn't have to be public knowledge in the workplace – talk to your manager about it. ... ask to see an appointment card as proof that you are going to a pregnancy related appointment .

Teen Pregnancy, Discrimination, and the Dropout Rate | American ...


Oct 25, 2010 ... Pregnancy is the #1 reason girls drop out of school. ... law banning sex discrimination in public schools – but it is widespread nonetheless. ..... I have gone back to my highschool to do some speeches about teen pregnancy.

A Mom with Spastic Cerebral Palsy Welcomes Another Pregnancy ...


My name is Ginni Buller, I am 36 years old, and I have mild spastic cerebral palsy .... It took a little while, but he finally got the hint . . . . he was going to be a father ...

14 Pregnancy Myths Busted - TheBump.com


And yes, that includes an ice cream sundae with butterscotch sauce if you so desire. ... "One glass of wine isn't going to hurt the baby," she says. .... you be sure to do while it lasts (other than to throw up in as few public places as possible ?).

Do I have Postpartum Depression? - American Pregnancy Association


... mood disorders have gained more attention from the media and the public. ... fear that something bad is going to happen; Trouble with sitting still and focusing  ...

Pregnancy Nipples - What is Going On? - Health & Parenting


Jun 9, 2015 ... Pregnancy changes many things, and one of the most transformed parts of ... So what's going on? ... I'm 10 weeks and I've gone up a full cup size. .... modest friend who has an 8mth old about bf in public and she said she tried ...

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Drew Barrymore: Why I've Gone Public with This Pregnancy – Moms ...


Nov 5, 2013 ... Drew Barrymore has been basking in baby bliss — and she's finally ready to share the excitement of her second pregnancy with the world.

The Timing of Pregnancy Announcements - Myth Busting Mommy


Jul 24, 2013 ... Since my mmc I have gone through a double mastectomy and 7 ..... if being more public or being more private about my early pregnancy would ...

Pregnancy: a Public Affair | Feministe


Jul 25, 2011 ... Figuring out whether or not you want to have kids is the weirdest thing. I have gone through about three distinct periods: When I was a kid, and I ...

Public hospital or private? - body+soul


Deciding whether to go public or private, for giving birth, you need to weigh up what ... what you can afford and if your health cover will absorb the costs of going private. ... go public, though maternity wards in public hospitals often have private rooms. .... I have private health insurance but the advantages of the public system  ...

Pregnancy FAQs - US Navy Hosting


Oct 14, 2015 ... When am I required to notify my chain of command of my pregnancy? ... If I get pregnant on sea duty, when will I have to leave the ship?