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Jan 19, 2017 ... He was black at a time when the party was less white than it had .... tenure look far worse than Democratic losses during Obama's. Structural issues, not just the man at the top of the party food chain, ..... Robert Davidson I agree, and yet there seems to be a number of angry Trump supporters taking issue ...


Nov 28, 2016 ... Obama's insistence on hope felt more willed than audacious. ... Obama's mockery of Trump began as early as the 2011 White House ... “President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States! .... He was the numbers guy, who knew every twitch of voter movement in ...


Dec 13, 2016 ... The Problem With Obama's Faith in White America .... They still had more money, more power than we had. ... neighborhoods and schools and jobs but they had, for a million reasons, chosen this black man as “their guy. ... My first black president seems to think he can have black cool without black burden.


Jul 1, 2016 ... It's the paradox of Obama's presidency: Many blacks say they didn't ... treated with less respect than his predecessors because of race. ..... She's lost white friends over disagreements about Obama, as well as the issue of police brutality. ... White public figures called him "boy," a "food-stamp president," an ...


Jan 17, 2017 ... A survey shows 82 percent of women feel sexism is a problem today, while men underestimate the sexism felt ... Republican Men Say It's a Better Time to Be a Woman Than a Man .... “The white man is a low person on the totem pole. ... No matter what happens in life, it seems like the man's always at fault.”.


Jan 10, 2017 ... Here is an unedited transcript of President Obama's prepared ... That, after all, is why we serve – to make people's lives better, not worse. ... and also the middle- aged white man who from the outside may seem like ... The peril each poses to our democracy is more far-reaching than a car bomb or a missile.


Sep 12, 2016 ... Do poor white Americans suddenly feel more disgruntled than ever, or are the rest ... The second thing is that this is much worse for people who have a high ... State University historian and author of White Trash: Part of the problem is the .... I mean, Trump's run was based on challenging Obama's pedigree.


Jan 10, 2017 ... Barack Obama sealed his racial legacy the moment he sealed victory in the 2008 election. ... Little more than half a century later, a black man ran the White House ... America's racial problems have not melted away merely because Obama has ... But that record of accomplishment looks rather meagre when ...


Sep 20, 2016 ... Obama's gentle diss of Melania Trump shows how bitter this election is. ... Trade Trade Talk Failure Casts Doubts on Trump's Ability to Resolve Issues With Beijing ... In the White House, friends said, Michelle feels that critics are waiting ... closer relationship with Laura Bush than she does with Hillary Clinton.


Aug 12, 2014 ... The party's problem with males may be even worse than the GOP's troubles with women. ... In 2012, Mitt Romney won 62 percent of the white male vote. ... President Barack Obama's pollster for both of his White House campaigns. ... but they seem attuned to the fact that shaving Gardner's lead with men ...