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Obedience to Teachers: Why should we obey our teachers ...


Nov 9, 2015 ... Obedience to Teachers: Why should we obey our teachers? ... All the various branches of knowledge that we study have for their central object, and ... The relation of teacher and student is an ancient and eternal relation.

4 Reasons for Kids to Obey Their Parents (not that they'll listen) – the ...


Aug 13, 2012 ... Kids are meant to obey their parents 'in the Lord' because it's part and parcel of ... If they're the ones who don't do what the teacher says in their ...

Obey Teacher? - Robin Wood


Your answer will vary, depending on your actual teacher. When I used to take on a new student, I would ask her/him to do something. This had nothing to do with ...

Students must obey school rules - Education | The Star Online


Aug 24, 2014 ... Any wonder why teachers fail misreably in exercising basic rules in class ... Parents should be made to understand that their children must obey ...

Obeying God's Delegated Authorities - Lesson 5 in "Think Right" series


A child should not try to set one parent against the other. The relationship ... Many times children and young people do not want to obey their parents. They would like to ... In the classroom the teacher represents God's authority. Because this is  ...

Teaching Children to Obey - jw.org


Five parenting tips can help you raise obedient children. ... 'Should I just hope that he grows out of it?' ... Others test their parents' authority by refusing to obey.

Respect Your Teachers - Modernghana.com


Jun 17, 2009 ... Teachers play an important role in the lives of students. ... They act as agents of change and counsel pupils in their choice of careers. ... You should not see teachers as enemies for many great and famous people who have ...

Teaching Children to Want to Obey - Not Consumed


May 30, 2014 ... As a classroom teacher, I learned many tricks and ways of ... There are many kids who obey their parents and then once they get .... But again, you should be freely able to use the translation of your choice without hinderance.

Why do bigger students never obey or listen to young teachers ...


Apr 5, 2015 ... I am considering "bigger" students as ones who are a bit overaged to be in school ... Always when explaining to parents in front of their kids, give them ... teachers should always impart values that helps the students which in ...

Why is it important to follow school rules? | Reference.com


When students follow school rules, everyone, from the teachers to the students, can achieve their goals in the classroom. ... They are instituted in the workplace, so students should learn to follow rules before they get to adulthood and need to  ...

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3 Reasons Why You Should Respect Your Teachers


Sep 24, 2012 ... Think about how the teacher feels. They go through a lot of stress too and it makes their job that much harder when a student doesn't want to ...

Teaching our children the difference between respect and obedience


Many parents (and teachers) tell me that they want their children and students to think for themselves… until they do. ... He did not obey the instant he was asked to do something. ... 7 simple questions we should ask our partners every night.

Why Do Children Have to Obey Their Parents? | Answers in Genesis


Jan 5, 2011 ... It is a reflection of our obedience to the Lord Himself and should model Christ's ... It is good for children to obey their parents since it is what God ...