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Why Tesla Is Beating GM, Nissan and Ford - Forbes


Jun 28, 2013 ... Tesla is a disruptive innovator, and major auto companies are trapped in the innovator's dilemma - which is why Tesla stock is doing so well.

Five Reasons Mainstream Automakers Are Scared of Tesla ...


Sep 23, 2013 ... While automakers like GM, Nissan, BMW and Ford are struggling to build ... to heavily invest in order to beat Tesla or even approach its range.

What is the hype about Tesla? How are they different from regular ...


The hype around Tesla (at least some of it justified) comes from three factors: They build great ..... Why Tesla Is Beating GM, Nissan and Ford. 37.3k Views · View ...

Tesla Competitive Advantage Comes From 5 Things - EV Obsession


Apr 29, 2015 ... Tesla has several big competitive advantages, imho. .... By contrast, if you want to charge faster than 3.3 kw in a Nissan Leaf, they ... I for one am prepared to pay a considerable premium for a Tesla 3 over a GM, Ford or any ...

Who Sold The Most Plug-In Electric Cars In 2015? (It's Not Tesla Or ...


Jan 15, 2016 ... Five years after the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt first went on sale, plug-in vehicles represent ... First, the known suspects: BMW, Ford, GM, Nissan, and Tesla. .... Can GM beat Chinese BYD as global electric-car leader?

Tesla Model 3 preorders have likely doubled the electric cars sold ...


Apr 4, 2016 ... Only Nissan has sold more (slightly over 200,000 as of last month). ... as the first Ford Model T, introduced 110 years before in October 1908. ... At GM: How can Tesla get 300,000 people to put down $1,000 apiece for a car that ... 200-mile, $37,500 Bolt EV hatchback that will beat the Model 3 to market by at ...

How GM Beat Tesla to the First True Mass-Market Electric Car | WIRED


How GM Beat Tesla to the First True Mass-Market Electric Car ... But comparatively affordable electrics like the Nissan Leaf still travel only .... Caption: 1908 | Henry Ford's Model T kicks off the modern age of combustion-engine- powered cars.

Inside Source Says General Motors' "Team Tesla" Should "Scare the ...


“The fact that GM is studying Tesla should flatter Elon Musk, but it should also ... Beating Tesla is simple: Be the first one to mass produce a safe, low-cost, high ..... say Nissan raises the range of the Nissan leaf to say 150 to 125 miles range. ... If it wasn't for Tesla, GM and Ford would not be as EV focused as they are now.

Is Tesla Motors Really Worth Almost Half The Value Of GM?


Sep 27, 2013 ... Discussions of Tesla Motors sometimes seem couched in the terms of a religious tale: Tesla as ... or 28.8 percent of Volkswagen's $79.4 billion, or one third of Ford's $69.3 billion. ... Tesla: As Disruptive To U.S. Car Market As Toyota, Nissan Were? ... Can GM beat Chinese BYD as global electric-car leader?

Why Hasn't Another Car Company Built a Viable Tesla Competitor ...


May 19, 2015 ... The Nissan Leaf, for example, is a competent and fairly popular electric city car, but its ... So why aren't Ford and GM copying Tesla's approach?

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Why Tesla is Beating GM, Ford and Toyota - Electric Cars - Forbes


Jul 11, 2012 ... Tesla is clearly winning at creating the electric car marketplace. And there's no chance traditional auto companies like GM or Ford will catch ...

Tesla fighters: GM, Toyota strategies diverge - USA Today


May 21, 2016 ... GM is even set to beat Tesla to the market with a mass-market, .... Nissan: Betting big on electric cars after best-selling, short-range Nissan Leaf. Ford: Introducing 13 battery-powered cars, plug-in hybrids or hybrids by 2020.

Why Tesla Has It Right And GM, Ford And Nissan Have It Wrong ...


Oct 5, 2012 ... There are two very different approaches when it comes to electric cars that yield different kinds of cars, address different target markets and use ...