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Feb 17, 2017 ... In the beginning I didn't pay all that much attention to 4chan. ... at my local anime convention and goofing off to protesting Scientology is an interesting question. .... The mind tends to discard such things as nonsense. ... distant, abstract concept of women in the flesh makes them feel humiliated and rejected.


Apr 6, 2013 ... I found Unity Answers by searching my questions, so I used to ... Now I totally get it, they are justified, I've even become harsh and cynical myself. ... Only other mods can vote a question into this Advanced list. ... Possibly employ a couple of paid moderators to help clean up the list of questions and enforce ...


Even now, only a few of his graduate students seem familiar with his studies of the impact ... The composer John Cage made a pilgrimage to Toronto especially to pay ... The critic Dwight Macdonald calls McLuhan's books "impure nonsense, .... This approach to the question of human development, it should be pointed out,  ...


May 4, 2016 ... All of a sudden I pay attention whey they pass the offering plate to me and ... Ridiculous stupid question showing you have no concept of climate or .... Saying “read the literature” is vague nonsense; a lame debate tactic that loses the point. .... “I remained a socialist for several years, even after my rejection of ...


Feb 10, 2017 ... I'd take the load order crashes any day over this nonsense too. .... If you want to get my attention put a @3lric before your post, so that I'm ... That is the real question. ... Funny thing is, my game crashed as often before mods were even .... game decides to not read the files properly, or reject them all together.


Sep 8, 2012 ... "On the alleged nuttiness of 'conspiracy theorists', you are on even ... Those who reject the scientific consensus lavish their attention on the 3% ...


Jul 27, 2016 ... As this residue was heated up, it released even more chemicals. The researchers also analyzed two chemicals often used as solvents in e-cigs: ...


Jun 2, 2011 ... Even After Mortgage Modification, Shoddy Bank Practices Continue to Hurt ... Answers to homeowners' questions about the Independent ... But she received a letter months later telling her that she'd been rejected for a modification. ... But after having made every payment on her modification for nearly a ...


Dec 11, 2010 ... The Essex factor: How Olly Murs went from X Factor reject to pop sensation ... it emerged that he was being paid £15,000 by the council which was also in the ... as he talks to you, just to let you know that you have his full attention. ... and it went in the charts at number 20, I'd have been dropped, no question.


Sep 21, 2011 ... If the MoD's requirements change due to operational imperatives – where ... But in the MoD, there is little sense that poorer performing .... country that you supposedly govern, what was the question again? ... they simply do not listen or pay attention, and, only begin gto sing a different tune when out of office.