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The Year 2000 problem, also known as the Y2K problem, the Millennium bug, the Y2K bug, or Y2K, was a computer bug related to the formatting and storage of calendar data. Problems were anticipated, and arose, because twentieth-century software ... He later said, "People were calling it CDC (Century Date Change), FADL ...


Why did people hide inside the bunkers, stocked up food piles etc. So what it ... Y2K is the most popular and dangerous bug in the history of computer world.


People also feared that our luxuries would be destroyed and that we would ... The scare consisted of the fear that the entire computer systems were going to fail  ...


Feb 9, 1999 ... ... also known as the Millennium Bug and Y2K, probably should have .... ''I think we were the only people who did it,'' one of the Spokane ... although they fear some of them may end up creating more alarm than preparation.


Apr 20, 2017 ... Y2K bug, also called Year 2000 bug or Millennium Bug, a problem in the ... Although some industries were well on the way to solving the Y2K ...


Feb 7, 2017 ... The Y2K (Year 2000) problem started from a fear that computers would get so ... While many were ready to party "like it was 1999," many others ... Other people worried more specifically about banks, traffic lights, the power ...


Jan 2, 2009 ... People actually believed that the world was coming to an end. ... Mix that in with religious fear and fervor of those who were expecting the ...


Dec 31, 2014 ... The Y2K fuss began years ahead of the date in question. Back in 1998, the phrase ... So it's no wonder people were worried. Though we might ...


Dec 30, 2014 ... Y2K scare cause rush for supplies before the New Year. ... Buyers at various Queens stores were shopping because of the Y2K scare. Most say they weren't .... 1 from too many people seeking a dial tone at the same time.


May 20, 2011 ... ... the first to forecast the end of days. TIME takes a look at other movements that have scared people into believing their days were numbered.