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He later said, "People were calling it CDC (Century Date Change), FADL (Faulty ..... business in the final months of 1999 in an event known as the Y2K scare.

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Frequently asked in. Why did people hide inside the bunkers, stocked up food piles etc. ... Not all problems recorded were directly linked to Y2K

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May 20, 2011 ... ... the first to forecast the end of days. TIME takes a look at other movements that have scared people into believing their days were numbered.

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Find out more about the Y2K bug that scared the world. ... While many were ready to party "like it was 1999," many others predicted catastrophe at the end ... Other people worried more specifically about banks, traffic lights, the power grid, and ...

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May 30, 2012 ... Y2K stands for Year 2000, the K being a short term for one thousand, 2K is ... Internal clocks were not originally programmed to be able to turn ...

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Dec 30, 2014 ... Y2K scare cause rush for supplies before the New Year. ... Preparing for the worst, people flock the stores for supplies days before the New Year in ... Buyers at various Queens stores were shopping because of the Y2K scare.

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People were panicking and saying that when 2000 rolled around, all the computers would crash and the nuclear bombs ... I was so scared for y2k to come !

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Dec 22, 2007 ... PEOPLE WERE WORRIED ABOUT THEIR INVESTMENTS, MONEY, JOBS, ... Type in Y2K into your search engine and you will come up with ...

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From city services to the electrical grid, this is a manual for sensible Y2K planning ... high-tech—a fact that, were it better known, she says, might calm some Y2K jitters. .... Still, the plant is dependent on electricity and with thousands of people ...

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Q: Why were people so scared of Y2k. Did they really think that a mu...
A: Yes, people and business were really using OLD computers. I worked on a Y2K testing team for a short while testing hospital equipment. Our first test was in fro... Read More »
Q: What was y2k and why were people so scared of it?
A: Y2K was a scare over the coming of the year 2000. It was thought Read More »
Q: What was Y2K and what was the big deal? Why were people scared to...
A: Y2k means Year 2000. It was a problem because of the way programs were coded. Back in the mainframe days, we were taught to conserve space as much as possible. ... Read More »
Q: Why were people wrong about Y 2K?
A: People were wrong about Y2K because they believed the world was going to end in the year 2000. Obviously, that did not happen. Only computers needed to be chang... Read More »
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