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North Korea Travel Warning


Nov 9, 2016 ... Efforts by private tour operators to prevent or resolve past detentions of ... Numerous foreigners have been held in North Korea for extended ...

Why Westerners Avoid Visiting North Korea


Nov 5, 2013 ... They are not interested in paying premium price to be chaperoned around a dictatorship, a North Korea expert explains.

What can tourists expect when visiting North Korea? - CNN.com


Dec 2, 2013 ... When you sign up to visit the DPRK you have to play by their rules. ... About 6,000 Western tourists have visited North Korea this year, says North ...... I couldn' t relate, but I played along to avoid offending anybody," he says.

Tourists warned against to avoid visiting North Korean resorts ...


Nov 11, 2016 ... Tourists warned to avoid visiting North Korean resorts because 'they are ... unusually severe warning to Americans considering travelling to the ...

10 Signs That Should Tell You Visiting North Korea Is a Terrible Idea


Apr 4, 2016 ... In North Korea, members of the media are forbidden as tourists. ... “Do not assume that joining a group tour or using a tour guide will prevent North Korean ... Only about 5,000 to 6,000 Westerners visit North Korea per year.

Despite warnings, more Western tourists are traveling to North Korea


Sep 14, 2014 ... Though the U.S. warns Americans against visiting North Korea, the secretive country is attracting more Western tourists.

North Korea travel guide - Wikitravel


Open source travel guide to North Korea, featuring up-to-date information on attractions, hotels, ... dynasty, shorthand for Goguryeo, from which the name " Korea" was derived by Westerners. ...... Simply avoid these topics if you can do so .

What It's Like to Be a Western Tourist in North Korea - Time


Jan 22, 2016 ... An American student was arrested in North Korea, but other Western tourists say they felt safe as long as they followed the rules.

What is it like to visit North Korea? - Quora


I came back home 3 days ago, after spending a week in the DPRK with a group of Harvard ... In a country with no access to Western news (except for the BBC in the Yanggakdo hotel in .... Of course you were not allowed to travel freely, there was always a guide with us, likely to avoid us seeing things we should not see.

North Korea: 8 Things to Know Before You Go! - World Nomads


Forget any independent travel in North Korea, you'll be on an authorised tour. ... security personnel closely monitor the activities and conversations of foreigners.