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Oprah Winfrey's endorsement of Barack Obama - Wikipedia


Oprah Winfrey's endorsement of Barack Obama was one of the most widely covered and ... That's – anybody who goes on her program immediately benefits through the roof. .... In late Nove...

25 Reasons Not to Vote for Hillary Clinton - John Hawkins - Townhall


Aug 6, 2016 ... 5 Reasons Barack Obama Will Be Viewed As One Of The Worst ... Why should anyone else follow the laws when Hillary Clinton gets to skate?

Why did white Americans vote for President Obama twice? - Quora


The first time, I voted form him because he seemed rational, respected facts and data, and ... He seems to me to typify the American dream, the sense that anyone can grow up to do well, to excel. His thoughtfulness and equanimity and ...

Obama: I Will Consider It An Insult To My Legacy If You Do Not Vote ...


Sep 17, 2016 ... So, if I hear anybody saying their vote does not matter, that it doesn't matter who we elect, read up on your history. It matters. We've got to get ...

What Do Donald Trump Voters Actually Want? - The Atlantic


Aug 17, 2015 ... This is coming from someone who voted for Obama in the last election!” .... Christian. I do not expect anyone to vote like I would on every issue.

What Makes People Vote Republican? | Edge.org


People vote Republican because Republicans offer "moral clarity"—a simple vision of .... a process that is thrilling, as anyone who has ever "lost" him or herself in a ..... a crystal ball and see that Obama would win the election by 3 million votes.

Why did Asian Americans vote for President Obama? - Slate


Nov 26, 2012 ... So why does anybody bother to vote in such an election, since, unless he is very dense, he knows that his vote won't affect the outcome?



May 24, 2016 ... She would finish the job that Obama started of destroying our country. LikeLiked by 1 .... Honestly why would any sane person vote for Hillary?

Obama Begs Unenthusiastic Black People To Vote For Clinton ...


Nov 3, 2016 ... And that vote this year, Fields said, would be for Clinton. ... there are enough voters like Fields whose good will for Obama will translate into .... never tried to appeal to anyone who favored Bernie or anyone who would vote for ...

5 Reasons Why Trump Will Win | The Huffington Post


Jul 23, 2016 ... The polls already show that more Sanders voters will vote for Hillary this ... number of Hillary primary voters in '08 who then voted for Obama.

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Who in Their Right Mind Would Vote for Clinton? These People Will ...


Jul 3, 2016 ... If they illegally voted for Obama, they will vote for “no borders” Clinton. She is on the record as saying that we should admit anyone who wants ...

Breaking: Obama Just Dropped A Bombshell: "Then White Folks..."


Apr 8, 2016 ... Can you see why Obama has been so busy using his final year in office ..... If anyone wants to vote, respect the law of this country; get a ...

Obama: Would be 'personal insult' to legacy if black voters don't ...


Sep 17, 2016 ... President Barack Obama delivered an impassioned plea to the ... "If I hear anybody saying their vote does not matter, that it doesn't matter who ...