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Why You Should Find a Day Job in the Industry | Expert Acting ...


Feb 20, 2013 ... Acting is a tough business. While you are building up your chops and doing all those student films, you have to make a living somehow.

“Why does my day job need to be in a different industry?” | seanwes


Sep 13, 2014 ... If you do end up getting a day job within the industry of your passion, you'll ... you' re tempted to find a day job that's partially what you like to do.

What if your day job is not your passion? - Idealist Careers


Jun 26, 2013 ... Network For Good can help you find and donate to an organization that's ... If you think it's time for a new job, new field, or new sector all together, be sure ... Sometimes we think we should feel a certain way about our work, but ...

How To Transition From Your Day Job Into A Successful ... - Tom Hess


When choosing a “backup plan”, musicians typically find a job that is the most ... Remember that in most industries, the 40-60 hour work week is the norm, with ... Should you decide to go full time into music, you will invariably need to quit your  ...

Career Advice: Why you should quit your day job - News.com.au


Aug 6, 2015 ... It's been ten-plus years in this industry and you are good at what you do. You have ... How to leave the job you hate — even if it pays well ... Use this as an opportunity to find job descriptions of positions you never imagined.

7 Signs You Should Leave Your Job (Sooner Rather Than Later)


Career Guidance - 7 Signs You Should Leave Your Job (Sooner Rather Than Later) ... You may not be learning something new every day on the job, but you ... Do you find yourself going to a colleague's going-away drinks way too frequently ? ... A heavy volume of inbound calls and emails may indicate your industry is “ hot” ...

Leaving Academia: How To Get A Job In Industry After Your PhD ...


There are many jobs in industry for you after your PhD. Don't ... that maybe one day I will get tenure as long as I churn papers out like a motherfucker. .... Once you find a sexy job offer, you should also contact some of your “future colleagues” .

Should you Quit your Day Job? | Pointers For Planners


Jun 1, 2015 ... During slow periods, some professionals find scheduled jobs to make money ... Working a day job while you get to know your local industry and ...

How to build a career as an artist | Penelope Trunk Careers


Feb 6, 2009 ... If you did not answer yes to any of these, then keep your day job. .... (Unless you just mean that you have sex for yourself, and should be doing your ... is also a serious industry one can get into with the right attitude and mindset. .... In addition to not being able to make art if you are starving, I find that I make...

Quit Your Day Job? 5 Things to Ponder First | Inc.com


Feb 11, 2013 ... You're not really trying to change as much as you're trying to find the ... and industries that have more than a snowball's chance in hell of you ...

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Why You Can't Find A Job You Love - Forbes


Sep 13, 2013 ... Do you ever wake up in the morning and ask yourself: “Am I in the right job? ... Considering that the average American works 8.8 hours every day, not many people are ... One Interview Question You Should Ask Every Candidate ... For Tom, finding a job that you love requires doing something you are ...

Does Having a Day Job in the Music Industry Make It Harder or ...


Feb 8, 2016 ... But if you're going to have a day job anyway, will it make your life easier or ... gives you necessary connections and insight into how the industry works. ... But if you're an assistant, for example, it might be hard for you to find side jobs. ... music and filmmaking work – it's been more like which job sho...

Why You Should Keep Your Day Job (For Now) | Bplans


Why You Should Keep Your Day Job (For Now) ... If your business is the only thing keeping you clothed and fed, you'll find yourself calling it quits pretty fast if it  ...