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Learn all you wanted to know about animals with National Geographic. ... Animal Facts .... Weird & Wild · Daisy Mae, miniature Vietnamese pot-bellied pig ...

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Learning about animals is great fun. Whether it's endangered African animals, sea animals, wild animals or pets, there are so many amazing types of animals ...

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... the right place! Here are 300 of the most fun & random facts about animals! ... A lion in the wild usually makes no more than twenty kills a year. The female lion ...

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Aug 19, 2014 ... So without further ado, here are 36 random animal facts that may interest you: 1. A type of ... Wild dolphins call each other by name. 7. Young ...

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Provides daily articles on some less well known animals.



In this section of Interesting Africa Facts you will find pages of information listing facts on many of the amazing African animal species. The wild animals of Africa ...

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ESPECIES ANIMAL FACT SHEETS What is the Endangered Species Act? Click Here for Facts! North America. Alligator · American Bison · American Crocodile ...

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Nov 19, 2012 ... Even if you're a zoology expert, this list might just surprise you. These are 25 amazing facts you didn't know about animals.

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Fun facts about your favorite animals in Africa; find out about giraffe tongues, ... Here are some funny, amazing and true facts about wild animals you can see on  ...

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A lot of these facts also underscore the similarities and emotional connections that people can share with animals, which raises a broader and more interesting  ...

Kingdom Animalia
All animals are members of the Kingdom Animalia, also called Metazoa. This Kingdom does not contain the prokaryotes (Kingdom Monera, includes bacteria, blue-green algae) or the protists (Kingdom Protista, includes unicellular eukaryotic... More >>
Other Kingdoms:
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Wild bison are making a small comeback, but they need more room to roam. Black Bear ». The American black bear is the smallest of the three bears species  ...

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Animal Planet GO - Watch Full Episodes and Live TV. Discovery Communications ... Wild Animal Facts. A panda weighs ... Wild Animal Safari. Wild Animal Safari ...

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Click on an animal below to learn more about it! Each animal facts article is printer-friendly and covers a range of topics, such as the animal's physical ...