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While not all bunnies are big on digging holes in the ground, many of them ... ... Many domestic rabbits also are avid digging enthusiasts, just like their wild kin.

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Apr 16, 2010 ... +Napalm Blaziken nothing is cruel about watching a wild rabbit dig a .... I observed from the rabbits I raised that they dig deep holes when they ...

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Most rabbits are expert diggers; they dig to find food and to make burrows for shelter. Rabbits may cause substantial damage to lawns and gardens if ...

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Rabbits live almost everywhere and are usually relatively harmless. However, if the rabbit population has gotten too large, rabbits are digging holes under sheds  ...

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Rabbits are more than just a nuisance when it comes to your garden or ... Cottontail rabbits don't do much digging, but jackrabbits are diggers that also jump ...

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Oct 23, 2009 ... i have 2 rabbits plus 2 babys and they keep digging holes in the run ... Its every bunny's fantasy, except for the whole "in the wild its survival of ...

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I can't have a rabbit digging up the good side. It's not ... My greater concern is little bitty rabbits in the hole who might not be able to run away.

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Offer your rabbits lots of bolt holes/hiding within their home and areas they have access to. ... Digging is a favourite pastime of rabbits, both domestic and wild.

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Wild rabbits often make their nests in areas that boggle our minds... ... To make a new nest, dig a shallow hole about 3" deep and put into it as much of the ...

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Rabbits dig, however, so you would probably have the best luck if you .... He had a small wooden box trap in the bottom of the hole, when the ...

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According to Wikipedia, All rabbits except cottontails live underground in ... Dr. Vantassel added that, European rabbits dig holes; Eastern Cottontail does not.

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I have small holes dug all over the yard, and I don't know what they're digging for. I'm assuming that this is the rabbits, since they're the only thing that has ...

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They will also dig holes in your lawn and under your house or porch for their burrows ... The weight rarely exceeds three pounds in the wild, though rabbits up to ...