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It is not possible for all nine planets to align perfectly because the axes around which they rotate tilt at different angles. The planets do end up within 90 degrees of each other...

Harmonic Convergence


... date marked the end of twenty-two cycles of 52 years each, or 1,144 years in all. ... The 9 hell cycles of 52 years each ended precisely on August 16–17, 1987. ... Eight planets were align...

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So the more number of planets you consider for alignment, the more weaker a definition of alignment you need. That is, they will all be aligned to a certain ...

When was the last time all of the planets were aligned? (Beginner ...


Jul 21, 2015 ... When astrologers speak of the planets being aligned (something ... that the planets will actually all lie on a straight line at some instant of time.

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? I heard that on May 5th, 2000 all nine planets in our solar system will be in a straight line for the first time ever. Is this true?

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Jul 22, 2010 ... Fortunately, roughly every half century or so the brightest planets take up ... A similar alignment will take place 30 years from now, on 8 ...

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May 25, 2013 ... "Although the planets and our Moon will appear to be close together, .... When all 9 planets align you can control time with the triangle of light.

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9 Followers ... Did all planets in the solar system ever come into alignment? Will it ever ... The Fate of Our Solar System: What will happen to the outer planets?

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Dec 13, 2012 ... The theory says that the alignment of the planets will somehow exert some influence on the Earth ... As far as I know, the planets' orbits aren't all in the same plane, so it doesn't seem even ... own minor deviations from the ecliptic plane will suffice that it will never ever happen. .... gerrit Dec 13 '...

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Jul 5, 2009 ... The first way is if you were standing on the Sun, all the planets would appear to ... Many of the planets will align in a rather straight line in 2010.

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Q: What is it called when all nine planets align?
A: The general word is syzygy. Read More »
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Q: Will all the planets ever align?
A: 8 of the planes lined up in 1962 but won't do so again until 2438. ... ...MORE... Read More »
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Q: When will the next alignment of all nine planets be including Plu...
A: There will be no allignment of planets. This will be an alignment of the Earth on the galactic equator accompanied by the Winter Solstice. To answer the questio... Read More »
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Q: How often do all nine planets align?
A: Roughly speaking, the inner six planets are aligned every 50 to 100 years or so, Read More »
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Q: Will all the planets ever align?
A: Yes, but it really depends on what you mean by align. When the planets appear to be aligned from our point of view here on earth, and then you look at the posit... Read More »
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