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Intel Atom was the brand name for a line of ultra-low-voltage IA-32 and x86-64 microprocessors ... It was a continuation of the partnership announced by Intel and Google on 13 September 2011 to ..... Kenton Williston of EE Times said that while Atom will not displace ARM from its current markets, the ability to apply the PC ...


Oct 15, 2016 ... As well as Power systems, Google is experimenting with ARM ... On Friday this week, Google stepped up from simply toying with gear from Intel's ... box with an IBM Power9 scale-out microprocessor at its heart. ... The blueprints will be submitted to the Open Compute Project (OCP) to evaluate and approve.


Aug 25, 2016 ... ARM, Google and Qualcomm team up to challenge Intel in the data ... on a server chip and that Google will use the Qualcomm processors only ...


May 19, 2016 ... With its new chip, Google's aim is the same: unprecedented efficiency. To take AI to new heights, it needs a chip that can do more in less time ...


Aug 23, 2015 ... Intel Corporation and Google Inc Team Up for Virtual Reality ... To work properly with the Project Tango SDK, Intel will launch a new ... is a key strategy for Intel, which has been buying its way into an ARM-dominated market by ... Since Intel practically gave out chips for free, the unit's revenue also plunged ...


Jun 13, 2017 ... So, why does Microsoft suddenly want to see other CPUs? ... So, Microsoft is doing its own estate planning and is indeed looking out for the children, that being Windows and the PC. ... around x86 emulation on ARM · Intel teams up with DARPA to make ... That is actually where Google and Apple are smart.


Mar 8, 2017 ... Microsoft has started testing out ARM processors, power-efficient chips ... News sees the use of ARM chips as “potentially imperiling Intel Corp.


Oct 5, 2016 ... Google has big long-term plans for its hardware, up to and including a ... Aqstic codec technology (if you don't get the brand name, say it out-loud). ... simply licensing an ARM design from Qualcomm or a stock core from ARM itself. ... runs Android engineering at Google, the company will eventually be able ...


Apr 28, 2017 ... Google has hooked up with Huawei, ARM, Achtermind and ... developers will no longer have to code on Intel x86 architectures – or ... They'll get to do it on a beefed-up Raspberry Pi-style computer that also happens to run Android. ... Google has laid out detailed instructions on how you can do that here.