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The United States fiscal cliff was a situation that came into existence in January 2013 whereby .... The effect on discretionary spending will be significant if the sequestration is not avoided. Cut...

Fiscal Cliff: America's Looming Economic Crisis - CNBC.com


The American economy will only be unleashed if we avoid the fiscal cliff, pare our deficit and rise above .... How No 'Cliff' Deal Will Hammer the Middle Class.

The 'Fiscal Cliff,' Explained - The New York Times


Nov 15, 2012 ... Fiscal Cliff May Be Felt Gradually, Analysts Say OCT. ... on the second installment — as is the case so far — the automatic cuts will kick in.

Fiscal cliff: as it happened - December 31 - Telegraph


Jan 1, 2013 ... There is a prize in this fiscal cliff saga, but it's not growth ... 00:20 As the Senate still hammers out the details of the deal they hope to vote on, the ... Less clear is whether the Senate will vote on a deal today. .... "The free silver shriekers are striving to tumble the United States over the same fiscal...

James Turk: Central Bank Golden Cliff Imminent? | Silver Doctors


Nov 30, 2012 ... He also talks about how close we are to a “Golden Cliff”, where the western ... This entry was posted in Gold News and tagged central bank gold reserves, fiscal cliff, Golden cliff, ... Cartel Drops Hammer Again As Silver Smashed $1 · Greg ... Just buy what phyzz you can, when you can, and you will be FAR .....

Stocks Tumble as Congressman Predicts Economic Riots in ...


Nov 13, 2012 ... Stocks tumbled again on fears of the rapidly approaching fiscal cliff in the United States and a ... to the White House later this week to hammer out a plan to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. ... “The economic meltdown is a slow burn that will eventually lead to violence, but ... 50% OFF Silver Bullet AND MORE .....

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Fiscal Cliff & Budget Talks 2013 - Cheat Sheet - Explained in 3D ...


Fiscal Cliff will not reduce US debt, only slow the growth. ... Budget Talks & Fiscal Cliff - Explained - Cheat Sheet. UPDATE: ..... Silver - Visualized in Bullion Bars

Understanding the "Fiscal Cliff" - Budget - Tom Carper, U.S. Senator ...


So how do we avoid going over the fiscal cliff? What is the "fiscal cliff?" Without Congressional action, automatic tax increases and spending cuts will begin to go  ...

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Dec 29, 2012 ... Plus, most expect some resolution will be in place before it comes time for them to ... Falling off the fiscal cliff “would deliver a pretty big hammer-size hit to crude ... Kloza says falling prices aren't really a silver lining, however.