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Will VC Advisors Open The Doors To Crowdfunders? - Forbes


Mar 28, 2013 ... This is the first time the SEC officials addressed the topic and it will open the doors for dozens of crowdfunders to pursue this structure.

Is Change In The Wind For Women Entrepreneurs Raising Capital?


Apr 13, 2016 ... The reason for the funding gap for women receiving venture capital is the gender .... Equity-based crowdfunding, Title II of the JOBS Act, allows you to raise money from .... Corporate executives have big roles to play as mentors, advisors and sponsors. ... Corporate executives can also open doors for you.

Startup Crowdfunding Rules: What You Should Know | Investopedia


Aug 15, 2016 ... A look at new SEC rules that opened up equity crowdfunding to ... Advisor Insights ... and of course institutional investors such as venture capital (VC) firms could as well. For new businesses seeking capital, this will almost certainly be a ... these new rules open the door to opportunities that have historically ...

Capital Raising 2.0 – New York City - CFIRA - Crowdfund ...


Apr 5, 2016 ... We will take a look at how financial technology and recent regulatory changes have ... Will VC Advisors Open The Doors To Crowdfunders?

Crowdfunding VC: Nin Desai Focuses on Investing in Tech ...


Sep 17, 2016 ... VC and her vision for her crowdfunding/VC approach. ... NIN Ventures Technology (QP) Fund is currently only open to “accredited investors” who can invest in our fund ... NIN Ventures Opens Doors to Both Litecoin & Dogecoin Owners ... NIN Ventures Names Dr. Sunil Patel as a Board Advisor & Venture ...

Crowdfunding Is Opening Investment Doors - WSJ


Nov 9, 2014 ... Crowdfunding Is Opening Investment Doors ... In some cases, investors can filter their options by selecting specific geographic ... Three financial advisers offer their thoughts on what investors should consider in the year ahead. ... Mr. Park, founder and managing partner of Simplepitch, a venture-capital firm ...

Venture capital for everyone | Crowdfund Builder


Sep 18, 2016 ... The SEC's tenet, called Regulation Crowdfunding, will help ... However for some people, the open door for a value stake in a start-up or ... Financial advisors often recommend making 15 to 20 speculations of up to $500 each.

Equity Crowdfunding Platforms: How Many Will There Be? (Expert ...


Nov 8, 2013 ... Going forward, it will be interesting to see which crowdfunding platforms survive. ... So equity crowdfunding may not be viable for firms desiring to seek VC or public investors. .... These issues will become doubly important once the US markets open their doors to ... Recent Online Advisor Reviews.

News | NIN Ventures | Next Generation Technology Venture Capital ...


NIN Ventures adds Mr. Gurbaksh Chahal as a Board Advisor. NIN Ventures (or ... NIN Ventures Opening doors to Litecoin and Dogecoin Owners .... This new initiatives will truly make venture capital available to all asset classes. “We are ... Sign up at www.nin.vc, or visit us on Crowdfunder to make an investment. Click the ...

Why Venture Capital Wasn't Right For Me And 15 Alternative ...


Sep 25, 2014 ... Then be open to that framework evolving along with your company's progress. ... Below is my list of alternative methods to Venture Capital funding. ... Crowdfunding can work well for physical products that have consumer ... They may or may not be interested in being involved in the business as an advisor.